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Starbucks Limited Edition Color-Changing Cups & They're Selling Out Fast!

WE. ARE. OBSESSED. These cups are taking over the internet! Coffee lovers can't get enough of these Starbucks color changing cups and they're selling out fast!

Recently, Starbucks quietly released a line of color-changing cups and the new merchandise sold out super fast. The cups, which were available in the U.S. and Canada, change colors when exposed to cold liquid. Is there any better way to drink your daily iced coffee than in an Instagrammable, color-changing cup? Definitely not...especially in the warm summer months.

The cups are only available in a full, which retails at $16.95. Though it might seem a little pricey for a cup, if you continue to bring the cup into your local Starbucks location for your daily coffee,you'll save 10 cents on your order. Here's a look at the new cups:

These are the five color options and how they transform with cold liquid:

Rose: light pink to coral red

Citron: yellow to emerald green

Sky: light blue to cobalt blue

Apricot: light orange to tangerine

Arctic: teal to raspberry pink

Starbucks Low-Key Released Color-Changing Cups & They're Selling Out Fast - Thumbnail Image

Starbucks Low-Key Released Color-Changing Cups & They're Selling Out Fast

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