Can We Make Happiness Happen For Phone Screener Jess?

Our Phone Screener Jess wants to go to Coachella!!!!!! But there's just one small problem...she doesn't have any money for a ticket...or any way to get there...or any place to stay!

Jess was talking about it on the air this morning, and because San Diego is the coolest place on the planet, our listeners wanted to help!

Listener Christine is a Lyft driver and offered to give Jess a ride if she paid for gas and Listener Jeff offered to donate $300 to go towards purchasing a ticket!!

Our friend Dan over at Batta Fulkerson heard our Coachella talk this morning too and wanted to throw in a $100 gas gift card!

But there's ONE condition! Jess has a pay it forward and do something positive for the San Diego community! Tomorrow morning Jess is going to come on the air and pitch her act of kindness, and if the show thinks it's worth the $300 Listener Jeff is willing to donate, THEN SHE'S GOING TO COACHELLA!

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