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Kramer and Geena Mornings

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5 New Dating Terms You Need To Know In 2018!

I am so glad that I am married because dating is so HARD nowadays! Plenty Of Fish just came out with 5 new dating terms that you should probably know about...

1. Flexting

This is when you brag a ton before you actually meet the person. 

"Oh, me? I just got from my 2nd home in Maui, where I store my Ferrari."

2. Cricketing

It's not "ghosting" where you disappear, but you wait a few days to respond.

3. Ghostbusting

This is when someone is TRYING to ghost you, but you say "nah." You keep messaging them until they finally respond. 

4. Serendipidating

This is when a guy asked you out, and like...he's OKKKKKK, but you wait to confirm just in case something better comes along.

5. Fauxbae'ing

When you pretend to have a date or a significant other, usually to make the ex jealous. 

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