The McRib Is Back! And Here's Why It Keeps Coming Back...

We love the McRib and get so excited when it comes back! Welp, today is the big! It's back. Ever wondered why it ever goes away? Here's why according to:

There's two key reasons from a business standpoint that the golden arches never makes the McRib a permanent item: the allure of the limited-time classic and the price point of the trimmings used to make it.

Roger Mandigo, one of the men credited with helping McDonald's invent their legendary sandwich, told the Lincoln Journal Star that the national supply of those pieces of pork used to make the McRib isn't too big."If you suddenly start to buy a large amount of that material, the price starts to rise," Mandigo said. Thus, as the price of pork trimmings goes up, McDonald's eventually takes the pork sandwich off of the menu.

In addition to cost control, McDonald's only keeps the McRib around for a short while as a way to keep people coming back for it. ... Major news outlets and the entire internet picks up the story every time the McRib comes back, which in turn brings in more traffic as fanatics of the sandwich come in droves to sample it once more. 

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