Why Is Hillcrest The Gay Hub Of San Diego?

This morning, DJ CRiz asked a great question..."Why is Hillcrest the Gay Hub of San Diego?"

We weren't sure! So we did the research:

According to SanDiegoHistory.org:

"Throughout the early 1970s a group of men and women in San Diego developed a cohesive and united front, dedicated to the advancement of pride in themselves, and changing the attitudes of a homophobic society. Hillcrest became an unwitting, albeit well-suited, base of operations for this leap forward in social progress. Hillcrest in the late 1960s provided a suitable atmosphere, for a group of people perceived to be as subversive and dangerous as the gay and lesbian community, to foster pride, self-awareness and a strong sense of belonging. The social and economic status of Hillcrest from the early 1960s through the early 1970s allowed for affordable rent-space, a social scene otherwise impossible in a more up scale community, and the background for Hillcrest’s dramatic rise from the ashes of economic stagnation. The investment of the gay community in itself has brought Hillcrest from isolated obscurity to its status as one of the premiere commercial and social scenes in San Diego."

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