SURVEY: Chargers Fans Are Some Of The WORST!

Kansas City Chiefs v San Diego Chargers

It's not easy to be a Chargers fan in San Diego nowadays. Well, this new survey came out this morning that proves it may be hard for everyone to be a Chargers fan nowadays. 

According to

Professor Michael Lewis at Emory University has come up with a method for evaluating fanbases of sports teams to determine which fans are the best and which are the worst *cough the Chiefs*. The model to which Lewis gauges how fanatical the fans is by using metrics such as home box office revenues and support on social media.

And check out the list. Chargers fans are toward the bottom:

  1. Cowboys
  2. Patriots 
  3. Eagles 
  4. Giants 
  5. Steelers 
  6. Saints 
  7. Bears 
  8. Broncos 
  9. Packers 
  10. 49ers 
  11. Colts 
  12. Ravens 
  13. Jets 
  14. Dolphins 
  15. Redskins 
  16. Bills 
  17. Panthers 
  18. Seahawks 
  19. Falcons 
  20. Raiders 
  21. Lions 
  22. Texans 
  23. Vikings 
  24. Chargers 
  25. Buccaneers 
  26. Browns 
  27. Cardinals 
  28. Bengals 
  29. Jaguars 
  30. Titans 
  31. Rams 
  32. Chiefs

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