Kramer and Geena Mornings

Kramer and Geena Mornings

Steve Kramer and Geena the Latina host one of the top rated and most entertaining shows in San Diego. Tune in to Channel 93.3 FM weekdays 6-10am for...Full Bio


About Kramer

While he's not from here originally, he's been recently dubbed "Mr. San Diego" as he's always seen rocking Padres and (formerly) Chargers gear even though he's not a sports fan at all. (Insert eye roll) Originally from Georgia, this radio nerd has done morning shows for the past 10 years in Florida and Arizona. His dream came true coming to be a part of the legendary Channel 933 in San Diego.

Kramer's wife Shannon is so much hotter than he is and runs the show! Father to 2 beautiful chihuahua's Wiggy and Kiki. As a diagnosed hypochondriac, you could say he has a PhD in it. Quite the Nintendo Nerd. Supporter of the man bath. While he doesn't like the term "cheap", Kramer is always looking for ways to save money in some quite extreme ways.

Kramer is also a big supporter of the San Diego Humane Society, constantly preaching the importance of pet adoption. He implemented a "pet of the week" on the show, and hosts numerous events to find forever homes for dogs and cats throughout San Diego.

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