Frankie Was On The News And Had No Idea + Crazy Girl Confessions

Frankie Was On The News And Had No Idea What Was Going On! + Crazy Girl Confessions

Frankie's girlfriend Courtney went viral! She posted a video on instagram of the city showing support for healthcare workers in downtown San Diego amid the coronavirus! The news reached out and wanted to set up an interview on zoom! Well, guess who was sitting next to her? Frankie. And guess who was not paying attention at all because he had no idea they already started filming? FRANKIE.

Crazy girl confessions. YOU KNOW PEOPLE OUT HERE WILDIN'.

Plus! Make Happiness Happen! This family is going through the unimaginable. Christina and Memo have both been laid off from their jobs since early March, with 3 kids to take care of. They've already had to sell their car to help with bills. Thanks to our friends over at Battafulkerson and two other anonymous channel 933 listeners, we come together and make happiness happen for this family!

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