The Geena the Latina and Frankie V Morning Show

The Geena the Latina and Frankie V Morning Show

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Finish The Lyric with Shawn Wayans!

Frankie's neighborhood friend dilemma

Frankie has been complaining about not making friends in his neighborhood - so Geena has a plan of action for him! Plus - Geena shares a big health update and has GOOD news following her health scares in 2021. And we have Crazy Confessions!

Welcome to the show: NEYO!

Producer Chris pulled off getting NEYO to not only stop by the show this morning... but also to play Finish The Lyric! And then he sticks around for the Big Scoop and we chat about his new Christmas album. We also share our Cyber Monday regrets AND why San Diego is in the top cities for single people!

Compliments for Giving Tuesday

Between Giving Tuesday and a special holiday-spirit-filled Make Happiness Happen, we're getting ourselves in the mood for the holidays this morning! Plus we have Crazy Confessions that will make you laugh out loud!

THE Christmas lights expert give advice

We are lucky enough to have one of the BEST of the best at Christmas lights and decorations on our very own station... so we call up Cabana Boy Geoff to get some advice on how to make your home stand out this holiday season! Plus, Frankie shares how his pie making class with his neighbors went. And we have a Love Em or Leave Em including Thanksgiving drama... with a woman' boyfriend and her dad!

The surprising relationship in Geena's life

Frankie said it himself - he's both shocked and impressed by this friendship that Geena has! And most of us have to agree. Frankie also has a VERY special birthday call to make to his grandma who turns 97 today!! And we have Crazy Confessions!

The hot delivery drivers

WELP - you will never look at your Amazon, UPS or FedEx delivery people ever again! Turns out people find their delivery drivers attractive pretty regularly... and sometimes they act on it! Plus, New Girl Erica needs Frankie and Chris to confirm something that her guy friends believe! And we play FINISH THE LYRIC!

Geena has to admit... she was wrong

Geena has to admit - she thinks she was in the wrong about something! But do Frankie, Chris, and Erica agree with her reasoning about being wrong? Today we also have a special Make Happiness Happen for a school that needs a little extra help. And we have Crazy Confessions!

What IS birthday card etiquette?

It's Geena's boyfriend's birthday! But he has one bone to pick with people who gave him birthday cards... What is the real etiquette for birthday cards?! Plus - Frankie is blaming this ONE celeb for he and his girlfriend putting their Christmas decorations up already. And we have a Love Em or Leave Em that we cannnnnot agree on!

Do people actually stalk their exes?

Geena has an official statement this morning about what cocktail casual means... but we may have gotten even MORE off track than before with this one. Plus, Frankie doesn't believe that people ACTUALLY go back and stalk their exes for a little check in... And we talk to a couple of Veterans for Veteran's Day! And we play Finish The Lyric!