The Geena the Latina and Frankie V Morning Show

The Geena the Latina and Frankie V Morning Show

Listen to Geena The Latina and Frankie V weekday mornings from 6 to 10am on San Diego's #1 HIT Music Station, Channel 933. You can expect lots of...Full Bio

Coldplay joins the show!!!!!

Frankie gives one last update on his voice

Tomorrow Frankie goes in for surgery and gives us one last update. We made Happiness Happen for one special needs teacher, who really has just gone above and beyond!

Do you speed up or slow down?

Frankie and his fiancé Courtney, kind of got into a little argument over the weekend and it was all based on the question. When approaching a yellow light do you slow down or speed up? Looks like Geena and Producer Chris are coming to the rescue once again. We play Frankie's game of the day featuring past super bowl halftime artist.

Our boss is hosting today's Finish The Lyric.

We get an update on Frankie V's voice and what he has learned over the last couple of days. With producer Chris out today our boss Haze has been so kind enough to help fill the void. Today he is hosting everyone's favorite game, Finish The Lyric.

This teacher made happiness happens over 12 years ago and now we get to repay her.

Mrs. Jones is not only a great teacher but a great person. When Vanessa and her two kids moved to San Diego, they didn't have a lot. Mrs. Jones heard about their situation and helped them in so many ways. Now 12 years later the family is getting able to Make Happiness Happens.

This teacher has gone above and beyond for this mother.

Today we made happiness happen for a kindergarten teacher who really has a special place in this mothers heart. Everything that could've gone wrong....went wrong for Geena during a zoom presentation. Crazy Confessions takes place inside of Walmart!!!

Frankie was on 4 days of vocal rest...what does that mean?

Frankie developed a case of laryngitis and his doctors told him he needed to be on vocal rest for the next few days. How was he able to communicate with others during this time? Geena gave us an update on her anniversary dinner and what did she end up doing for her boyfriend Mr. A? The Halloween decoration committee for Frankie's house had their fist meeting, but what was really accomplished?

Our boss Hitman Haze is filling in!!!

Today we welcomed our boss, radio icon, Hitman Haze! Frankie V is dealing with some laryngitis so our boss said he would come and help us out...but he didn't know we would be playing plead the 5th. Finish the lyric celebrates 50 years of hip hop with the biggest hip hop songs....based on Producer Chris. Is Geena already disappointing our boss as he helps fill in today?

Do NOT do this if you are dating someone.

One of the biggest mistakes while dating just happened to Geena's friend. We've all been guilty of sending a photo of the person were dating to a friend, however I don't think anyone has actually sent that photo back to the person they are dating! Producer Chris is selling his funko pop collection and we think he's already loosing money. Today we play finish the lyric country edition!

Geena is guilty of having the strangest algorithm on her IG.

What is Geena looking at on her IG that has her boyfriend questioning her?!?! Let's just say it's not what any of us thought it would be. Speaking of Geena she needs help with a very important day for her this Friday.