The Geena the Latina and Frankie V Morning Show

The Geena the Latina and Frankie V Morning Show

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New Girl Erica's 30th Birthday Surprises!

Franie V puts us to the test!

Frankie brought in treats that his fiance Courtney made! Only catch is, he wants us to taste test them and give our honest opinion. Plus, we have a super special Make Happiness Happen between a mom and a daughter. And new Crazy Confessions!

New Girl Erica needs Geena and Frankie's help

New Girl Erica is doing something just ahead of her 30th birthday and she has enlisted Geena and Frankie to help break the news to someone who miiight not be thrilled about it. Plus, Frankie shares what his fiance Courtney has been planning that has become a HUGE production. And we have new Crazy Confessions!

The bad coworker dilemma

In today's OPP, we try to help someone with whether or not to talk to their boss about a coworker that juuuust isn't pulling their own weight. Plus, there is ONE thing that might ruin Erica's big 30th birthday party this weekend. And we play FINISH THE LYRIC!

We have NEVER done a Make Happiness Happen like this before

There is certainly a first for everything! Today's Make Happiness Happen is something we have nevvver done before - but it makes it extra special. Plus, Geena shares how she got roped into helping with Leprechaun Traps and shares if they caught any! And we have Crazy Confessions!

To Tell or Not To Tell?

New Girl Erica's friend is currently in quite the dilemma... involving a guy their OTHER friend is seeing. So we need your advice on what she should do! Plus, Frankie noticed something when going to a kids' birthday party this weekend and he thinks Geena could have the solution for it. And we have a Love Em Or Leave Em!

Geena's big new gig - and Frankie's advice for it!

Geena shares that she is taking on a side hustle - and it is something VERY VERY cool here in San Diego! Then Frankie shares that he has a couple tips that will actually help her succeed. Plus, Producer Chris' dog is here - and we finally have a new name for the dog formerly known as Takis!

How did YOU sneak back into your ex's life?

If you've been blocked by an ex... have you ever found creative ways to win them back over? Geena heard of the way one ex communicated after getting blocked and says this would have won her back!! Plus, Erica may have done something that could screw things up with a guy she is seeing. And we have Crazy Confessions!

A lot of people do this disgusting thing - daily

Are you guilty? Geena says 3 out of 4 people do this gross thing every day - but in our studio, it's 100%!! And we allll admitted it. Will you? Plus, we send Weather Man Chris back out into the storm. And we play FINISH THE LYRIC!

What exactly is Geena's cacao ceremony?!

Geena breaks down what a Cacao Ceremony is and Frankie just dooooesn't quite get it. Plus, we have a Make Happiness Happen from one sister to another who is making a difference in the San Diego community. And new Crazy Confessions!