The Geena the Latina and Frankie V Morning Show

The Geena the Latina and Frankie V Morning Show

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This single Mom is new to our city and has over come a lot in her life

We Surprised this WWE Fan with the Ultimate Giveaway!

Elizabeth reached out to Geena and Frankie to Make Happiness Happen for her husband Glen! Elizabeth describes her husband as extraordinary! The couple has been together for 14 years and Elizabeth describes Glen as the most selfless, caring and supportive man she knows! Recently, Elizabeth quit her job without discussing it with Glen and instead of being upset and questioning her decision, he was super supportive and stepped up to support his wife both emotionally and financially. Glen works very hard for his family and Elizabeth feels like it is time that he deserves a break and do something for himself! Geena and Frankie heard that Glen is a huge WWE Fan and thanks to our friends at Batta Fulkerson we are hooking up Glen with a pair of tickets to WWE Monday Night Raw here in San Diego!

Surprising This Selfless Mom With a Special Night At Sycuan Casino Resort!

Trisha reached out to Geena and Frankie to make happiness happen for her mother Gladys. Trisha shared with the show that her and husband run a business together and over the year they have been understaffed. In order to help alleviate the stress, Gladys moved down to San Diego to her help daughter out. Trisha is extremely grateful for her mother’s help. Trisha describes her mother as selfless and never complains when she comes into work. Trisha’s dream is to become successful enough so Gladys would never have to work again so she enjoy her leisure time at the casino. Thanks to our friends at Batta Fulkerson and Sycuan Casino, we were able to surprise Gladys with a gift card and a one-night stay at Sycuan Casino!

Surprising This Firefighter with the Ultimate Father’s Day Prize!

This is Father’s Day week and listener Kim wanted reached out to Geena and Frankie to Make Happiness Happen for Henry. Henry is firefighter with Cal Fire who is not only an amazing husband and but he is amazing father to his three sons. Being a firefighter is not a normal 9 to 5 job. He is constantly working and sometimes cannot spend time with his family Kim, who is also a co-worker to Henry, describes him as caring, nurturing, hardworking, and loves his three boys to fullest! Recently, Henry suffered from an injury and will be out from work for a few weeks. However, in Henry’s eyes this is the perfect moment to give his wife a break and spend extra time with his children. Thanks to our friends at the Neflix movie “Fatherhood” starring Kevin Hart coming this Friday! Geena and Frankie award Henry with the ULTIMATE FATHERS DAY PRIZE!

Surprising This Stepfather for Father’s Day!

Vanessa reached out to Geena and Frankie to Make Happiness Happen for her Fiancé, Alex (Alejandro). Vanessa and Alex have been together for about 5 years and Alex has stepped up to be the father figure to Vanessa’s three children from a previous relationship. Alex is hard-working and takes great care of the household. He works 2 jobs and works 7 days a week. Usually Alex is gone in the morning and doesn’t come back until around Midnight! Vanessa feels lucky to have Alex in her life and loves gushing about him. The couple is planning their wedding for this October and Vanessa is thrilled to call Alex her husband Father’s Day is near and Vanessa is hoping that Geena and Frankie can help her surprise her future husband with the ultimate father’s day gift to show not only her gratitude but their children’s gratitude as well! Thanks to our friends at Batta Fulkerson, we were able to surprise Vanessa and Alex with a gift card!

Surprising This Local Artist Who Has A Past With Frankie V!

Aimee reached out to Geena and Frankie to Make Happiness Happen for her fiancé, Robert. Robert is a local rapper in San Diego and back in 2008 Frankie V was featured in a song with Robert called “Frankie’s Neighborhood” Unfortunately, Robert was diagnosed with leukemia last year and spent multiple weeks in the hospital until he was able to get a transplant. Aimee noted that last year was difficult for their family. Since the diagnosis, Robert has been out of work and Aimee has been working longer hours as a teacher to provide for their 3 children. Robert’s biggest passion is making music and during his recovery time he has been producing new music. Aimee is hoping that Geena and Frankie can help her husband free his mind from the diagnosis and unemployment and bring some cheer and joy for Robert! Thanks to our friends at Batta Fulkerson we were able to reward Robert with a gift card to buy new music equipment to help produce more music!

This Employee Surprised Their Boss As An Act of Gratitude!

Joesph wanted to Make Happiness Happen for his boss, Dr. Stephanie Cherqui. Dr. Cherqui operates a research lab at UCSD that specializes in searching for genetic cures to orphaned genetic diseases. Research labs have been hit hard during the pandemic and it has been difficult to keep employees paid. Joesph said that his boss has sacrificed so much for her research group and has exemplified kindness during the pandemic by making sure the lab has enough funding to keep the lab fully paid and employed. She continuously stayed for long hours to finalize grant proposals which sacrificed time with her two children to ensure job security for her lab employees. Joesph is hoping that Geena and Frankie can assist him in surprising his boss with a gift that shows his gratitude and also give Dr. Cherqui a break to spend some quality time with her family. Thanks to our friends at Batta Fulkerson, we were able to surprise Dr. Cherqui with a gift card so she can spend quality time with her family over dinner.

Friend Surprises 911 Dispatcher For Make Happiness Happen!

Melody reached out to Geena and Frankie for Make Happiness Happen for her friend and roommate Tawnya. Tawnya is a first responder who works as a 911 dispatcher and Melondy describes Tawnya as one of the strongest women she knows! This year has been very challenging for Tawnya. Unfortunately, Tawnya lost her father earlier this year and her husband has been out of work due to a serious accident. Melody and Tawnya have an incredible bond and before the pandemic began, they did everything together! They went to Disneyland and took trips to Sycuan to enjoy their night swims, movie nights, and concerts at the pool! Thanks to our friends at Batta Fulkerson, we awarded Tawnya with a gift card so she can take a nice break and can participate in some of her favorite hobbies this summer!

We Celebrated This Preschool Staff for Teachers Appreciation Week!

Teacher Appreciation Week happens during the first week of May and listener Wendy wanted to nominate her staff for Make Happiness Happen! Wendy is the Preschool Director at San Carlos Preschool and her staff of 24 employees have worked hard following all the COVID-19 rules and regulations and have gone above and beyond to create a safe and healthy environment for the 154 young children they serve. Fortunately, the preschool have not had one case or exposure to Covid-19. Wendy is hoping that Geena and Frankie can assist her in recognizing her staff's hard work and dedication to their students. Our friends at Jamba Juice heard Wendy's story and they want to drop off breakfast for Wendy and her entire staff of San Carlos Preschool! Wendy and her staff will be able to try Jamba's new breakfast foods! They will try the Impossible sausage sandwich, fluffy spring veggie egg bakes, or a classic breakfast sandwich with pork sausage, melty cheese and eggs.

This Boss Recognizes Her Team for National Administrative Day!

Administrative Professionals Day happens on April 21st and Irma reached out to Geena and Frankie to nominate her front office team for Make Happiness Happen. Irma's team consist of Alba, Mariana, Heidi, and herself and they all work at the Sharp Chula Vista Barnhart Cancer Center. Her team mainly works with radiation patients. The team of four are all hard working but faced many challenges during pandemic. Irma said that her co-workers continue to work hard, adapt to all the changes, make improvements, and most importantly they are kind, helpful, and understanding with their patients. Irma is hoping that her team can be rewarded for all of their hard work and dedication because it does not get recognized enough. Thanks to our friends at Batta Fulkerson Law Group, we are surprising Irma with a gift card to celebrate with her team and show her gratitude for all their hard work!