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Hurricane tips and things to know!

Here are some tips for a hurricane that is expected to hit San Diego.

- If power does go out and you need updates - download the iHeart Radio App for the all updates. If you do have it search for our sister station NewsRadio 600 KOGO.

- If you are in need of sandbags here is a link to get some near you, but as a reminder to call ahead to make sure they still have some available


- Make sure phones are fully charged and flashlight batteries are working in case the power goes.

- Residents are advised to secure outdoor equipment that high winds could blow away, like patio umbrellas and tarps.

-When it comes to stocking up, San Diegans are advised to go shopping now for non-perishable groceries and other necessities so they can avoid getting on the roads this weekend.

- If you are able to gas up your vehicles do so before the storm hits

- Stock up on bottled water for you and your family and pets

- Have point contact you and your family can call or text that is out of the county.

- They say at least have $500 in cash because if stores do loose power and you need to purchase something they will only take cash.

- If power does go out have a way to keep your fridge and freezer items cool ( portable coolers - with ice)

- In the event of an evcuation -In the event of an evacuation have any medications you or your family may need handy and ready to take.

Our friends at Ready San Diego have created more tips for your family, house and below is a video on how to have an emergency plan and kit for your animals.


Also here is another link to know what the weather is like where you live, just simply type in your zip code to see the latest.


Geena has also made a reel that could help you in what you need if you need more guidance.

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