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The top 5 ways to save MONEY! - Things That Matter

Target is helping you celebrate Earth Week! Target is taking 15% off reusable water bottles, sustainable skincare, bikes, and more this week for Earth Week which means Up until tomorrow you can get 15 percent off eco friendly products like certain bikes, Brita pitchers, and more.

The Biden Administration appealed the federal court ruling that cancelled the mask mandate for passengers on planes and other public transportation.  If you missed it, they first extended the mask mandate until early May. Then the Federal Judge overturned that saying we don’t have to wear masks.  Then the CDC came out and said the mandate is still “necessary” to help curb the spread of Covid.  And then yesterday Biden appealed the federal court ruling. So what does this mean?  As for now, masks are not required on planes however that’s being appealed.

A Storm is Coming!!! San Diego County will most Likely Get Rain and possible thunder starting tonight!! There’s supposed to be a burst of rain tonight. Last night it was slightly cooler and it will continue to be cooler today but as midnight approaches expect rain and thunderstorms! Scattered showers will continue overnight into Friday morning. The weekend is expected to be warm and sunny.

Are you trying to save money? If so here are a few things you should refuse to spend money on!!

- New designer clothes and handbags.

- Full-fare flights. Almost every airline offers a rewards-based credit card to accrue travel points.

- Rent. Renting is almost always going to be more expensive than buying in the long run.

- Drinks after 8 p.m. Happy hour is where it’s at – drinks are cheaper, Ubers are cheaper and more plentiful, and you can still go to bed at a reasonable time.

- Uber trips for places less than three miles away.


The principal at Patrick Henry High School decided to pause the decision to cut honors classes. Back in February, the principal emailed parents, telling them she was cutting honors classes for equity reasons pointing out racial disparity between honors and non-honors courses. After that there was a public outrage including a Facebook page of Patrick Henry parents that has more than 500 members. Well they had a protest yesterday at lunch. Dozens of students skipped lunch to protest the pincipals decision and after that the principal said they are putting the decision on pause saying, “We do want to get more input from our parents and students before we make any definitive changes.”

It's no doubt that road rage is a huge problem, but despite knowing how dangerous and deadly it can be, the majority of American drivers (56%) believe it's justifiable, especially younger drivers. According to a new survey, American drivers admit to following another car too closely, changing lanes to prevent another car from passing, and making verbal or physical gestures to other drivers. Men do it slightly more than women and -- believe it or not -- parents of young children are more likely to get angry behind the wheel than those without children.


Thank You Thursday: A good day to thank someone.

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