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Do You Need To Wear Your Mask At The Airport? - Things That Matter

Airline Industry Continues To Be Economically Devastated By Coronavirus Pandemic

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So do you still have to wear a mask at the San Diego Airport? The answer is no, but it's a little bit complicated. The San Diego International Airport announced yesterday that masks are no longer required while traveling - which comes less than a week after the CDC extended the mask mandate till May 3rd. However, a federal judge in Florida overturned the mask mandate saying the government overstepped its authority with the mandate.   Meanwhile the MTS (buses, trolley) tweeted that they are “aware of the Florida federal court ruling, but are waiting for guidance from the federal government.”  Until that time, passengers must continue to wear masks, and they will update the changes as they happen. So basically, everyone just stay calm, and do what seems right in that moment, right?

 A deal has been reached to resume rides and games at the San Diego County Fair!  A deal was reached by the association in charge of choosing who runs the rides and the ride company who was suing them for favortism, fraud, and corruption.  Talley Amusements agreed to pause ongoing litigation regarding the five-year contract that was given to their competitor, giving the three parties time to come together to “focus on a successful 2022 fair.”  The fair will go on as scheduled June 8th through July 4th.

17 year old Carlsbad High School senior has made history! Yessenia Sanchez just became the first girl in the school’s history to win the CIF title. Yessenia says she has been doing jiu-jitsu since she was 5 years old. So when the opportunity came to join the Carlsbad High School wrestling team, she was ready for the challenge. She said, “People think it’s unconventional, wrestling in general, especially for female wrestlers but I tell them I’m a wrestler.”

An All-vegan food festival in North County, that usually happens every third Saturday of the month is changing it’s schedule to become a weekly market! The Encinitas Vegan Food Popup announced yesterday it is launching their new Sunday market on Earth day which is this Sunday from 12pm-4pm. There will be tons of vegan food vendors, as well as shops that sell sustainable clothing, jewelry, and home vendors!

Apparently, morning weddings are on the rise! Yes you heard that right! And it’s all because of the pandemic. Lots of people who had to delay their wedding during the pandemic are getting married this year which means there is a shortage of prime time slots available at venues, so some people are choosing to get an early start on their wedding day! Also some couples want to celebrate all day long rather than just in the evening.  Also morning weddings offer great natural lighting for photos, and can have a more intimate ambience because venues can be less strict about required capacity. Morning weddings are also be less expensive.

Does your mother in law hate you? Do you maybe not get along with your mother in law?? Well if you are one of the many people who bicker with their mother in law- it may not be your fault! Just blame genetics! A recent study found that both men and women report having more conflict with their mother in laws than with their own mothers. And apparently, fathers get along better with their daughter in laws even over their own genetic daughter. Well according to the study, these conflicts are pretty much due to genetics. Each person “unconsciously acts in the interest of their genetic kin” instead of in each individual’s best interest.  Fathers, on the other hand, were seen to have the opposite reaction due to the father’s protective instincts.

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