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This is the lowest gas in San Diego today - Things That Matter

The Padres won last night 4-2! They are currently tied for first in the league - and yes, we know that there are 162 games in a season and so far there have only been 5.

This Thursday is the Padres home opener and in preparation for it, the city is conducting a cleanup around Petco Park! Officials say it’s to ensure the safety of everyone. Cleanups began on Monday for many streets surrounding Petco Park.  Shelters and outreach programs have been offered to the homeless community nearby. A spokesperson for the said, “the city of San Diego aims to balance compassion with the need to address public health and safety issues.”

If you need to fill up on gas today - here is where to find the lowest gas prices in San Diego: Horizon Fuel Center on Valley Center Road. Regular gas is only $4.79 today!

NETFLIX has introduced ‘TWO THUMBS UP’ for content you reallllly love! Netflix officially launched two thumbs up yesterday - and the button is meant to let people more effectively communicate when they really, really like a show or movie. This reaction is in addition to the single thumbs up and the thumbs down options which currently already exist.

Netflix writes in their blog: “Consider Two Thumbs Up as a way to fine-tune your recommendations to see even more series or films influenced by what you love. A Thumbs Up still lets us know what you liked, so we use this response to make similar recommendations.

But a Two Thumbs Up tells us what you loved and helps us get even more specific with your recommendations.”

Now, have you been having a harder time remembering things since the pandemic? If you’ve been experiencing some ‘senior moments’ during the pandemic you’re not the only one. Experts say ‘SENIOR MOMENTS’ became more widespread during the pandemic - and these moments indluce "fleeting bursts of forgetfulness." Memory experts say these moments are becoming more common as people are returning to work, as well as due to the uncertainty of the war and general stress. Anyone who experiences “recent life stressors” have memory issues.

Here's how to improve your memory-loss:

  • Do one thing at a time.
  • Notice how things look, smell, taste and feel, as well as what's happening, in order to remember something in multiple ways.
  • Replay memories in your mind to reinforce them.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Learn stress management techniques.

The San Diego County Fair is in jeopardy! The Del Mar Fairgrounds is threatening to cancel the 2022 San Diego County Fair after a judge issued a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit last week against the agency that manages and operates the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the San Diego County Fair. They are being sued by one of two companies that bid on a multi-million dollar, five-year contract to operate the rides at the fair as well as the carnival games and some food vendors. They say the Fair staff had rigged the scoring on the bids and the judge ruled in their favor saying there was evidence of favoritism. 

So now the Del Mar Fairgrounds says the entire event could be cancelled saying, "If the order is not stayed, the TDAA will likely have to cancel the 2022 San Diego County Fair for a third consecutive year. The company suing says that they are just using delay tactics to try to run out the clock hoping that pushing it closer to opening day will convince the judge to allow the contract to stay saying they are playing games. There is a court hearing on this this morning - so hopefully we will know ASAP if the fair will be able to go on.

Tax Day is Monday!! You have less than one week to submit your taxes. You can submit a tax extension on

Six Flags Magic Mountain is ending its unlimited dining plan after a man went viral on TikTok said he saved TONS of money and even payed off his student loans by eating ALL of his meals at Six Flags for the past seven years. How it works: Six Flags sold a $150 dining plan that let season pass holders get two meals and a snack every day of the year. So, this guy posted a video explaining what he did and all of a sudden everyone started doing it. So now that unlimited plan is gone.  Instead, season pass holders can now add a $39.99 four-meal plan to their passes.  It includes four entrees that can be redeemed all in one day or throughout the year.

There are also one-day dining deal add-ons. One of them, which sells for $19.99, offers one meal and one snack. The other, priced at $39.99, offers free fountain beverages all day in addition to the meal and snack.

There’s also a $330 Ultimate Pass that includes a 10-meal dining plan at Magic Mountain. Holders can redeem all 10 meals in one day or spread them out throughout the season.

Basically, the great deal that was being offered is totally gone.

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