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It is the MLB opening day!! - Things That Matter

Today is opening day for Major League Baseball!

The Padres will play the Diamondbacks in Arizona tonight at 6:40pm. And tonight is Fan Fest at Petco Park! It starts at 5pm. 

  • Fan Fest is a way to get excited the season! You’ll actually be able to watch tonight’s game on the videoboard. 
  • There will be some meet and greets and a Q and A Panel from past Padres player like Trevor Hoffman, Randy Jones, and Mark Loretta. 
  • For the kids there will be face painting, a short clinic from Padres alumni, Kids Run the Bases, & Catch on the Field. 
  • And there will be some Padres memorabilia being sold.
  • If you’re a Padres season ticket holder you get a voucher for two free hot dogs and two 12 oz drinks. You have to redeem the voucher through the MLB Ballpark App. It's completely free but you do have to get a ticket online at  
  • You can watch the game tonight on livestream on fuboTV.  

And Next week is the Padres official opening day- first home game of the season.  Next Thursday April 14th at 5:10pm.  There are tickets still available for $50!

A woman in LA won $10 million dollars playing the lotto by accident!

This is what happened: The woman put $40 into a Lottery Scratchers machine and was about to make her selection when a stranger bumped into her, causing her to accidentally push the wrong button on the machine. She says, “He just bumped into me, didn’t say a thing and just walked out the door.”  She says she was annoyed because she wanted to buy cheaper tickets and now almost all of her $40 was gone. However, then she got back to her car, scratched the $30 ticket and saw that she won $10 million dollars!!

One in four pet owners think their pet has what it takes to be a social media star! 

More than 1/3 of pet parents create social media accounts for their pets. 

  • Those same pet parents admit to spending more time on their pets profiles than their own And most pet owners say they would rather fill their feed with pics of their pets over pics of themselves, family members or human friends. Top pet-fluencers are making $15,000 per post or more — like the late Grumpy Cat, whose net worth reached an estimated $100 million before he passed away in 2019.

Do you have tiktok brain? Yes it’s a real thing!  

  • TikTok Brain is a shortened attention span caused by watching short-form video content.  Experts say Gen Z and younger are grappling with tiktok brain because they have spent a long more time consuming online content from a much younger age than other generations. 
  • People with Tiktok brain sometimes have trouble controlling when to stop watching. The dopamine rush makes it hard to put TikTok away because it just feels too good to stop. This makes it harder for you to focus on other tasks. If you want to help your tiktok brain, Experts replace screen time with exercise.

Easter Eggs are going to be more expensive this year due to the bird flu and inflation!!!  More and More states have been hit by an outbreak of the bird flu which means there are way less hens laying eggs.  The average price for large eggs is 44% higher than this time last year.

Rides at the San Diego County Fair could be in jeopardy!! In order to operate rides in that area you have to submit a bid. 

  • Last year two companies submitted bids for the contract to operate rides in that area and the one that runs the rides at the fair won. Well, the other company sued saying that the qualifications were rigged in their favor and yesterday a judge agreed calling the decision, ‘favoritism,’ ‘fraud’ and ‘corruption’.”
  • The 22nd District Agricultural Association is the one who awards these contracts and they said, saying, “with fewer than ten weeks before the start of the fair, the we are committed to doing everything it can to save this beloved summer ritual that is enjoyed by 1.5 million San Diegans and Californians.


America’s Most Scenic Ballpark’ is in San Diego and it’s not Petco Park!! Major League Baseball recently highlighted the baseball field for the Point Loma Nazarene Sea Lions as “America’s Most Scenic Ballpark.” 

  • They describe it as "a diamond of checkered green grass and infield dirt that gives way to sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, extending all the way to the horizon. You can even see the crashing surf when you’re up to bat! The only thing that obstructs the view is the scoreboard and a few palm trees.  The Sea Lions are ranked #3 in their league.
  • The field is officially called Carroll B. Land Stadium.” The Sea Lions’ next home game is at noon on Saturday, April 16 against Biola


Plus - today is 4 national "days"

National Beer Day: A good day for a cold one.

National Burrito Day: A good day for a burrito.

National No Housework Day: Leave the laundry … have a beer and a burrito instead!

National Girl, Me Too, Day: A day to recognize the shared experiences, strength, and support between women.

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