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Disneyland Is Set To Unveil Their New ‘Magic Key’ Program!

Thousands of sailors deployed with the USS Carl Vinson strike group yesterday.

The strike group is a multiplatform team of ships, aircraft and more than 7,000 sailors. The USS Carl Vinson is the first carrier to accommodate a mix of 4th- and 5th- generation strike fighters. It gained notoriety for transporting Osama bin Laden’s body in 2011.

Extreme heat is going to roast East County this week!

A heat advisory warning goes into effect tomorrow. It will be in the high 90’s until about 8pm tomorrow. A more serious excessive-heat watch will be in effect in desert areas, including Borrego Springs, starting this morning until tomorrow evening. Temperatures could reach 120 in the deserts! The weather service advises those that live in these areas to drink plenty of fluids, stay out of direct sunlight during the heat of the day, wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing, take refuge in air-conditioned buildings if possible and check up on potentially at-risk relatives and neighbors. Watch out for your pets.

Disneyland set to unveil the ‘Magic Key’ program, which is a replacement for annual passports.

Disneyland discontinued annual passes back in January due to the coronavirus. Details should be unveiled any time after 1pm today. We don’t know much about this new program other than an email was sent out yesterday to legacy pass holders — that is, people who were previously part of the old annual passport program.

Speaking of Disney, Disney has released their Halloween Mickey Mouse ears! You can order the new Halloween ears for preorder right now online. There's also a Minnie Mouse Witch Ear headband available.

Simone Biles returned to the Olympics and won a bronze medal in the balance beam competition.

Meanwhile Team USA still leads overall in the most medals with 66. China is close behind with 63 and Russia is in third with 50. However, China is number-one when it comes to gold medals with 29, compared to 22 for the U.S. and 18 for Japan.

And speaking of the Olympics, which Olympic sport do you think has the highest risk of injury? According to data the sport with the highest risk of injury are BMX cyclists (38%), followed by boxers (30%), mountain bikers (24%) and Taekwondo athletes (24%).

Van-Ping is a thing!

During the pandemic, people started buying RV’s to get away. Some even started making the vans themselves, converting old school buses, delivery vans, and work vans into some cool homes on wheels. Some people liked it so much then even ditched their real homes for life on the road and it seems like the trend is here to stay! Van-ping is now a thing and they say it’s not going away anytime soon.

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