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Kraft Is Debuting A New Mac & Cheese-Flavored Ice Cream!

The city has extended the deadline for restaurants to get their outdoor dining spaces up to code. Originally, restaurants had until yesterday but now the deadline has been extended to August 2nd.

In order to be considered up to code, businesses will need to remove any permanent rooftops and portions of outdoor structures that block red curbs as well as other things. The city is expected to release a permanent outdoor business plan this fall called “Spaces as Places” to transition temporary spaces to a permanent program with established design and safety standards.

Women have stopped doing this one thing since the pandemic hit, and many women plan to never do it again.

One in three women shaved their armpits less during the pandemic. According to a new survey, of the 33% of the women who shaved their arm pits less, 13% said they plan to continue the trend. 70% of the women said being around fewer people over the last year is why they shaved less, and 25% said they are going to be less concerned about pit perfection in the future.

Chula Vista residents can now apply for $11 million dollars in emergency rental relief.

Renters and landlords are being encouraged to apply for the city’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Eligible households that have been financially impacted by the pandemic can receive money to help with rent and utilities. Eligibility is on a bunch of things including household income. Typically, households earning below 80% of the median income qualify. For example, a household of four making $92,000 or less would be eligible. Apply for the program online

San Diego Air & Space Museum is getting a rare NASA anti-submarine plane.

The S-3B Viking aircraft from NASA arrived yesterday and will be permanently housed at the San Diego Air & Space Museum's El Cajon Gillespie Field Annex. NASA's S-3B is the last flight-worthy Viking in the world they call the aircraft one of the most iconic of naval aviation history.


Mac 'n' Cheese Day!

In honor of it, Kraft has released their limited edition macaroni and cheese ice cream. It hits stores today. They describe it as, “A cool, creamy scoop of ice cream that brings that comforting, nostalgic feeling from a warm bowl of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.”

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