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Sonic Launches New Shark Week Slushie!

A graduate of Eastlake High School, Marcelo Mayer was drafter 4th over in the MLB Draft by the Boston Red Sox.

18-year-old Marcelo Mayer was surrounded by friends and family when he got the news. He said, I really didn’t know until the last 45 seconds, the pick before I tried to hold my own and tried not to cry but the tears came pouring down.”

Hundreds of people joined the San Diego Pride resiliency march yesterday.

The march focused on calling for equality, and supporting local LGBTQ businesses, especially ones that were financially hurt during the pandemic. Pride continues this week and through the weekend. They a mix of in person and virtual events. To see those go to

Tons of people in Little Italy were celebrating yesterday after Italy beat England in the Euro 2020 finale in a penalty kick shootout.

It felt like everyone was watching the game yesterday morning. Tons of celebs were tweeting about it and millions of fans watched all over the world.

Father Joe Caroll, a very popular local priest who served the homeless here in San Diego for over three decades has passed away after a long battle with diabetes.

He was 80 years old and was known as the “hustler priest.” He started his outreach by handing out peanut butter sandwiches downtown in the 1980’s. Since then he has fed millions. The public has been invited to leave flowers and messages for Father Joe at a space between 15th and 16th streets on Imperial Avenue downtown by the Villages’ Joan Kroc Center. Mayor Todd Gloria tweeted yesterday saying, “Father Joe is etched in the history of San Diego. His relentless dedication to serving our most vulnerable saved, and changed, countless lives. His legacy will continue to be written for years to come.”

A Flex Alert has been issued for San Diego as well as the rest of California urging residents to conserve power in hopes of preventing outages.

The Flex Alert needed to be put into place due to the heat wave as well as a fire that happened in Oregon that limited the flow of power to California. Today’s flex alert begins today at 4 p.m. and last until 9 p.m. They are asking that you set your thermostats to 78 or higher, avoid using major appliances, pre-cool your home, and turn off any unnecessary lights.

Shark Week is here!

Shark Week 2021 started yesterday on the Discovery Channel. Sonic restaurant is celebrating with a special Shark Week Slushie. It’s an Icy Blue Coconut Slushie topped with real strawberries and two Shark Gummies. There’s also an option to add nerds candy.

Photo Credit: Sonic Drive-In

  • JULY 11-15: Josh Gates Tonight (11 p.m.) - For the first five nights of Shark Week, Josh Gates talks sharks and more with some familiar faces from Shark Week and beyond.
  • JULY 12: Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek (10 p.m.) - Josh Gates links up with his childhood hero, William Shatner, to boldly go where Shark Week has never gone before. The mission: enter shark-infested waters to understand the nature of fear and come face to face with an apex predator. This is Shark Trek.
  • JULY 13: Brad Paisley’s Shark Country (9 p.m.) - Country star Brad Paisley and comedian JB Smoove meet in the Bahamas to attract new fans: sharks. With Dr. Austin Gallagher’s help, they put Brad’s musical talents to the test in shark-infested waters to see how sound can attract or repel sharks
  • JULY 14: The Real Sharknado (9 p.m.) - We have all seen the movies, bloodthirsty sharks jumping into boats, circling in tornados and risking their own lives in hopes of attacking humans. Could any of these larger than life feasts of sharks actually happen? Ian Zehring and Tara Reid pick up their chainsaws once again to see if a real sharknado could actually happen.
  • JULY 14: Return to the Lair of the Great White (10 p.m.) - Dr. Craig O’Connell and Marc Payne return to where they unexpectedly filmed a juvenile great white during a past mission. Believing there’s a nursery nearby, they follow the trail to a discovery that could change everything we know about great whites.
  • JULY 16: Ninja Sharks 2: Mutants Rising (8 p.m.) - In the icy waters of Alaska, off populated beaches of New York, and lurking in ghostly shipwrecks off the coast of North Carolina, scientists have discovered three sharks that have developed unique and deadly ninja skills.
  • JULY 17: I Was Prey: Shark Week 2021 (10 p.m.) - This show recounts two horrific shark attacks told by the survivors who overcame life and death circumstances to tell their stories.

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