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The Geena the Latina and Frankie V Morning Show

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This Iconic San Diego Venue Is Bringing Back Live Music!

Nearly $173 million dollars of stimulus money went unclaimed in California!

That’s more than any other state in the nation. The second was Florida and then Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania. So what happens to this money? Unclaimed stimulus funds are returned to the federal government.

Gas Prices Have Surged 40% Since January and they aren’t done climbing yet!

The current nationwide average for a gallon of gas is $3.13 - the highest in seven years. The average price in San Diego is way higher than that. Analysts say with demand for summer travel still high, the prices will continue to go up through the end of August before finally leveling off in September.

As you’re waking up this morning, you’re probably having a cup of coffee…but you’re also probably doing it all wrong!

Experts say in order to feel the best effects of coffee, you should wait an hour after you wake up. If you wake up and immediately grab a cup of coffee you are doing it wrong.

Cortisol, which is the stress hormone naturally spikes when you wake up as does adrenaline to give us energy and help us focus.

When you drink coffee on top of elevated cortisol levels, you’re wasting the coffee and the chance of giving cortisol the chance to work for you.

If you delay your coffee drinking for an hour, then you give cortisol and coffee a chance to work on their own separately.

Cortisol peaks 30-45 minutes after waking up, giving you a natural energy boost. After an hour if you drink coffee then you can continue the energy boost.

Japan is set to place Tokyo under a state of emergency due to the number of rising cases of Covid that would last through the Olympics.

The Olympics begin July 23rd and go through August 8th and the state of emergency is supposed to be announced later today. This means there will most likely be no spectators in the stands for the event. Previously, they had announced that 10,000 local fans would be allowed in.

Live music is returning to the iconic Belly Up in Solana Beach!

The venue has been closed for 15 months but now it is opening back up. The Belly Up has been hosting live shows since 1974.You can check their calendar now for shows however there are a few changes. For the first six weeks, they are going to only sell to 80 percent capacity just till they get back into the swing of things.

Apparently, after going through the worst year of a lot of people’s lives, people say they are now thriving!!!

According to a poll, the amount of Americans who say they are thriving is at a record high!! 59.2 percent of people to be exact! And of the people they surveyed, most rated their current life situation at a 7 or higher and anticipate their life to be an 8 or higher in five years.

People Are Purging Their 'Pandemic Wardrobes'!

So much that the secondhand clothing business is booming as a result of this. There are a few reasons people are purging their pandemic wardrobes. After a year of bumming around in sweatpants and t-shirts, people’s lives are returning to normal which means they need regular clothes. Other people are purging their wardrobes because they’ve gained a few pounds during the lockdown and can’t fit into their old clothes.

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