San Diego Favorite Chicken Charlie’s is featured on new a Netflix Series.

Firefighters are currently battling a 1000-Acre Brush Fire at Camp Pendleton.

By 4pm yesterday the fire had already burned 1000 acres. Evacuations have been ordered for the 25, 26 and 27 areas on the base, including Lake O'Neill Camp Ground. The last update they gave said that there was zero containment. They haven’t said what caused the fire.

Poway is getting close to the beginning of a huge overhaul of its water system!

This of course comes after the crisis that happened in 2019 when the city's water supply was contaminated by storm water and residents were under a boil water order for several days. This is the largest capital improvement program the City of Poway has ever undertaken. This overhaul will provide residents with safe and reliable water for decades.” The project is estimated to cost around $70 million.

A list came out of the states that are the smelliest in the US!

The #3 smelliest state was Florida. Coming in at #2 was California! And the #1 smelliest state was Maryland! They determined which states were the smelliest by the amount of dirty air and trash or the percentage of each state that is landfill. The states that supposedly smell the best? Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.

San Diego Favorite Chicken Charlie’s is featured on new a Netflix Series.

The show is called “Fresh, Fried, & Crispy.” It’s an eight episode documentary about the nation’s best unknown fried dishes. They will feature Chicken Charlie’s Deep-fried Oreos in episode five. The show began streaming yesterday on Netflix. If you want to try Chicken Charlie’s deep-fried Oreos they are available at both of Chicken Charlie’s locations — at Belmont Park and in Rancho Bernardo — and beginning Friday at the San Diego County Fair.

Check out the trailer:

The Cicadas invasion is real!!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the massive cicada invasion that has taken over part of the East and Midwest but now they are beginning to wreak havoc. In DC the swarm of cicadas is so large that they've actually appeared on weather radar. They also managed to swarm the White House Press plane, delaying the flight to Europe. And then yesterday, President Joe Biden was seen swatting a cicada off his neck as he was about to board Air Force One. The cicadas are highly annoying but mostly harmless insects. However one is being blamed for a car accident in Cincinnati last week after it flew through an open window and into the face of the driver causing him to crash!

Did you miss the solar eclipse this morning??

It was called the “ring of fire” and it’s one of the top trending things around the world this morning. And it seemed like the whole world could see it, from the United Kingdom to Ireland to the US, everyone has been posting pictures. It was visible from about 1am to a little after 6am.This is the first of two solar eclipses that will happen this year. A solar eclipse happens when the moon crosses between the sun and the Earth, which blocks a portion of the sun's rays. The next total eclipse will be on December 4th but it won’t be visible here. The strawberry moon is going down June 24th.

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