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This Name Is Officially Cancelled In 2021!

Yesterday, Covid numbers dipped low enough to get us into the yellow tier, however we still have to wait another week.

  • We have to have these low numbers for two weeks in a row. Either way, the state plans to list most covid limitations on June 15th, no matter where we fall in the metrics. As of yesterday more than 1.5 million residents 12 and order were fully vaccinated.

A man from San Diego used TikTok to raise over $100,000 for street vendors in need during the pandemic. 

  • Jesus Morales began by sharing a video of him handing out dozens of pizzas to homeless thanks to a $100 donation. He got 3 millions views and that’s when it started. He asked his 1 million plus followers for donations, and since last August, he's raised over $100,000.  All of the money went directly to street vendors that needed help during the pandemic." Street vendors are dear to my heart. Growing up, I loved all the snacks they sold, everything. They're hard workers, most are immigrants. They don't have benefits or minimum wage, and don't really receive government assistance,” said Morales.
  • Proof of how he distributed essentials and donations were documented in his TikTok feed.

Southwest and American Airlines are extending their suspensions of alcohol on flights through the end of the summer!

  • Alcohol sales were originally put on hold to minimize interaction between crew and passengers due to the pandemic but now they are suspended due to the rise in passengers behaving badly during flights. Alcohol sales, will now stay suspended until September 13th.

This video has gone viral of a 17 year old girl in San Gabriel Valley pushing a bear off the wall of her backyard in order to save her dogs.

  • In the video you see a bear and two cubs on the wall. The cubs run off when the dogs start barking but the mama bear is seen attempting to claw at one of the four dogs. That’s when 17-year-old Hailey ran over, shoved the bear back, then grabbed her dogs and went inside. Her cousin posted the video to TikTok.

People are saying goodbye to the name Karen!

  • Yup, Karens have been added to the endangered species list. Thanks of course due to what happened with the name during the pandemic. In 2020 there was a SHARP drop in the number of newborn babies named Karen.  There were only 325 baby girls named Karen last year. And Karen is on a pace to fall off the top 1000 names list in 2021.

Pride Month kicked off yesterday and in honor of it, San Diego Pride unveiled some details of SD Pride 2021.

  • They are going to announce the full details tomorrow however yesterday they said, “We are so excited to be able to bring people back together again this year. Last year for Pride, we were 100% virtual. This year we’re going to be doing a little bit of both.” Pride events kick off July 10th with She Fest and end on July 18th with various pride community events being held throughout the county. The specific details will be released tomorrow.
  • The schedule of events includes:
    • July 10: She Fest;
    • July 14: Light Up the Cathedral interfaith celebration;
    • July 16: Spirit of Stonewall Rally;
    • July 16-18: Virtual Pride 5K;
    • July 17: Pride Live; and
    • July 17-18: Pride Community Events held throughout San Diego County.

The hottest market in the world took off during the pandemic, and that market is trading cards!

  • Do you trade cards?  While everyone was stuck at home during the pandemic, people tried to find new hobbies or resurrect old ones. People started going through old shoeboxes in closets, and lots rediscovered trading cards they collected as a kid. And that’s how it began!  “Right now it’s the hottest market in the world! It isn’t just sports cards flying off the shelves. Pokémon cards once again have exploded in popularity. However, why it’s exploded is because pricing of a card depends on the grade it receives from a professional grading company, and so many people are trying to get their cards graded that they actually stopped accepting any new card entries because they couldn’t keep up with the demand which in turn has made the cards that actually have been graded skyrocket! Stores like Walmart and Target are limiting the cards or just aren’t carrying cards anymore because people are going nuts for them. So if you have cards lying around at home, take a look.

There’s a new trend going on right now! They are vaccine tattoos! 

  • Yes people are getting tattoos where they got their vaccine shots. Some people are tattooing band ads over the spot on their arm they got the shot, the date of their vaccination, the vaccine brand they got – like Pfizer, and even their entire vaccine card.

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