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Two Brand New Exhibits Are Opening At The San Diego Zoo Today! 

Lifeguards are warning the public about a shark sighting near Black’s Beach in La Jolla. 

  • A 7 foot great white shark was seen in the area of Torrey Pines around 2:30 p.m. The beach remains open, but swimmers are being warned about the sighting.

Las Vegas has officially reopened running at 100% starting today.

  • All capacity restrictions are gone. And in honor of the city reopening they had a full on concert starting at midnight. The Downtown Rocks Again event went down starting at 12:01am. They had three music stages, and they had a countdown clock counting down to midnight. The party went on till 4am.

There are two brand new exhibits opening at the San Diego Zoo today. 

  • A new state-of-the-art hummingbird habitat opens called the William E. Cole Hummingbird Habitat. The new hummingbird habitat is 3,800 square-feet and will be home to three species of hummingbirds and 14 species of birds from South America. It has streams, cascading water, and orchids. There is also a cenote-themed pool guests can view from an observation bridge along the pathway.
  • The other exhibit which is right next to it is called Komodo Kingdom, which holds komodo dragons. Two of the world’s largest lizards will be in there. They used state-of-the-art technology to make the habitat a bit more like Indonesia, where Komodo dragons are found.

Happy Pride Month: The celebration of the LGBTQ community kicks off on June 1st.

Drivers waited HOURS yesterday to cross back into the US on Memorial Day.

  • Wait times were at least double the average with some people waiting up to 10 hours to get back.  As of 10:30pm last night the wait time was still four hours.  Meanwhile, the beaches here in San Diego were packed yesterday! Local restaurant owners say this was their busiest weekend since the pandemic started.

Del Mar Thoroughbred Club announced that they will be back at 100% capacity for the summer races.

Opening day is July 16th and the racing season will run through Labor Day.  Tickets go on sale Friday June 18th with presale available the day before if you sign up on their website. 

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