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The Big Bay Boom is Coming Back!

People gathered in Minneapolis yesterday to mark the anniversary of the death of George Floyd, and unfortunately at least a dozen shots were fired near the intersection where Floyd was killed.

  • One person had to go to the hospital but they are luckily they are ok. Meanwhile, members of George Floyd's family said President Biden is still committed to passing a police reform bill. They made the statement after meeting with the president and Vice President yesterday for more than an hour at the White House. Biden had hoped to get the bill passed by Tuesday, the one-year anniversary of Floyd's death. Brandon Williams, Floyd's nephew, told reporters at the White House, "He said of the deadline, he's not happy about it not being met, but all in all he just wants the bill to be right." The Floyd family and their head lawyer, Benjamin Crump, were pleased with the meeting saying it was "very personal." Williams added, "He genuinely wanted to know exactly how we were doing."

A flight attendant was assaulted on a flight to San Diego and yes there is video of it.

  • In the video you see a woman being escorted off a plane after a flight attendant after assaulting a flight attendant on a plane from Sacramento from San Diego. The altercation started after the passenger repeatedly ignored standard inflight instructions (tray table in upright position, seat belt, etc.) and became verbally and physically abusive upon landing. The flight attendant suffered facial injuries, lost two teeth, and was taken to Scripps Hospital! Officers arrested 28 year old Vyvianna Quinonez, 28.The FAA said earlier this month that airlines have reported a “disturbing increase” in violent or disruptive behavior. There have been 1300 incidents of unruly passengers since February.

There is another shortage right now due to the pandemic! Summer camp counselors!

  • Yup, camp owners can’t find enough people to staff their sites this summer. but it’s not because of low wages -- it’s because the potential workers can’t even get into the country. Many camps rely on foreign workers who come on temporary, cultural-exchange visas -and because of processing holdups and a COVID-19-related travel ban on certain countries, those folks aren't coming. Scott Brody, the director of Camps Kenwood and Evergreen in New Hampshire, tells USA Today, "There's normally 12,000 to 13,000 camp counselors who come from the U.K. This year, there were only about 5,000 applications, and those haven't been processed yet.” Dozens of camps, for kids and for disabled adults, will not open this year because of the shortage.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt returned to San Diego yesterday. Welcome back!

  • The USS Theodore Roosevelt deployed in December of last year. So yesterday’s homecoming marked the completion of a five month deployment.

Vaccinated SeaWorld Employees Can Go Mask Free

  • This new rule implemented by SeaWorld makes the park the first park to loosen the COVID guidelines for employees.
  • In order to be mask-free employees must show proof that they've been fully vaccinated.

The Big Bay Boom is back!

Yes, Southern California’s Largest Fireworks Show is back! The show starts at 9pm and you’ll be able to see fireworks at Shelter Island, Harbor Island, North Embarcadero, Marina District, and the Coronado Ferry Landing. The show got cancelled last year due to the pandemic but it is back. Bring your lawn chairs, friends and boats to watch the biggest firework show in Southern California. You can also watch live on Fox 5 San Diego or listen on our sister station KGB.

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