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Do You Want To Own An Entire Town? Well Now You Can!

Chula Vista Police released updates in the case of the missing mother from Chula Vista Maya Millete. Maya has now been missing for more than four months. Police investigated a new location. They searched the area of 500 Hunte Parkway in Chula Vista.

The location is about a mile away from her home and you can get there by a hiking trail. Police didn’t say why they investigated that area. The community is organizing two searches this weekend and they are inviting the community to show up. The search party will meet at 2335 Paseo Veracruz in Chula Vista on Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 AM.

San Diego community colleges will require all students and employees who are on site this fall to be vaccinated. Now this comes on the assumption that the FDA will fully authorize one or more of the vaccines which they have not so far. Exceptions may be granted on medical and religious grounds. This fall they will increase their on-campus and hybrid classes to at least 22%.To help, all four San Diego community colleges will have vaccination sites on campus.

Do you want to own an entire town? Well now you can.

The small town of Nipton, California is for sale for $2.5 Million dollars. They were originally going to turn the town into a cannabis consumption destination but that was a bust due to the pandemic. So now you can buy the town. There are about 25 or so residents in the city which is about 80 acres. And you don't just get the city if you buy it. You also get a general store, the outpost, the restaurant, the hotel with five rooms, five cabins, a container conversion, camping spots, and an RV space.

San Diego County finally reported less than 100 new covid cases.

Yesterday, health officials reported 91 new covid cases yesterday and four deaths. Those deaths that happened in 2020 and earlier this year but they are just being reported now.Only 1 percent of tests taken were positive and around 1.38 million people are fully vaccinated.

Taco Bell fans are not happy this morning after it was announced that a fan-fave item was taken off the menu.

Taco Bell announced that the Quesalupa will be taken off the menu later this month. They just brought it back in March. Fans were upset online.One tweeted, “I went to @tacobellonly to discover my beloved quesalupa is ALREADY GONE. I am #betrayed. However, Taco Bell did announce that the naked chicken chalupa is coming back starting today.

American’s are now booking working “vacci-cations” before they have to go back to the office.

It’s people who have been vaccinated but are still working from home so they are booking long term stays at airbnb’s so they can work and vacation at the same time.

Airbnb says it’s continued to see an increase in longer-term bookings. Some companies have added a new option that could make remote vacations the norm—Google, for example, is giving workers up to four weeks of “work from anywhere” time a year after workers return in September.

There’s a new trend. Everyone took up planting during the pandemic right? Well now plant lovers are creating gardens inside their cars.

They are creating mini garden beds inside their vehicles.

Some are using their dashboards, filled with dirt, while others are using cup holders.

Most people plant succulents in the car.

Some people point out that it’s not the safest plan, with one writing, “Imaging getting in an accident and the first thing you see is a cactus coming right at you instead of an airbag.” Another wrote, “Brake hard, and then spend forever trying to get gravel out your heater.”


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