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Chick-fil-A Is Facing A Sauce Shortage!

If you’re looking for a job, lots of places here in San Diego are offering signing bonuses!! 

The future of outdoor dining in San Diego could soon change! Lots of restaurants went from barely surviving at the start of this pandemic to thriving all due to dining al fresco.  The invested a lot of money in the outdoor awnings, lights, etc. Well now, they may have to take them down. The statewide health emergency is expected to be lifted June 15 and the temporary permits to operate outside are set to expire in July. However, Mayor Todd Gloria has said he hopes to find a solution that would allow the restaurants to continue with outdoor dining. 

If you’re looking for a job, hotels are looking to staff up and some are offering hundreds of dollars in signing bonuses for employees. This trend of paying out bonuses to attract employees is actually happening nationally at restaurants, theme parks and a number of other businesses.

At The Westgate hotel, they are offering a $300 signing bonus for housekeepers and a $500 bonus for a maintenance engineer position.

San Diego’s unemployment rate was at 6.9 percent in the last month which is WAY above the 3.8 percent recorded in February 2020, before the pandemic.

On expert said, “You need to understand that yes, you may be making as much or maybe more on unemployment. But career-wise, you’re really damaging your future.” Employers are going to be loyal to those employees that come back when they were needed, rather than Oct. 1 when your unemployment runs out. 

Starbucks Has Announced a New Funnel Cake Frappuccino! 

It’s a limited time drink that is available now through the summer. The Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino has a strawberry puree, whipped cream, powdered sugar, and is TOPPED with pieces of funnel cake! Starbucks is also introducing a unicorn-shaped cake pop to the menu too!

Fernando Tatis Jr. and Outfielder Wil Myers Have Both Tested Positive for COVID-19

Also first baseman Eric Hosmer and two others are now out for contact tracing. Both Hosmer and Myers were pulled out in the middle of the Padres’ game last night. Tatis was symptom free when he tested positive Monday night. 

Oceanside Unified school district is set to fully reopen by the fall.

Students will return to the classroom five days a week. They also voted to expanding in person learning this summer.  Oceanside Unified is currently one of the only North County public school districts not fully reopened.

Chick-fil-A Will Be Limiting Their Sauces To Costumers

If you're a fan of Chick-Fil-A you're not going to be happy with the fact that the chain plans to limit the sauces they give to customers thanks to issues with its supply chain. 

The new limit means that when you visit you only get one sauce per customer, two sauces with a meal, and three sauces per 30-count nuggets. 

According to a spokesperson, the supply chain shortage has affected things from refrigerators to pepperoni. 

Parents! Mattel Wants Your Old Toys

Parents … Want to recycle some of those old toys taking up space in your house? You’re in luck. Mattel wants those old Barbies, Matchbox cars, and MEGA toys so they can turn them into new products.

"Mattel PlayBack" is designed to keep old toys out of landfills and oceans and, instead, repurpose the materials for new Mattel products. The recycling effort is part of the company’s commitment to sustainability and using 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastic in all its products and packaging by 2030.

To donate old toys, just go to Mattel's website, print out a free shipping label, and then pack up and ship the toys to the company. 

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