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SeaWorld Will Allow Fully Vaccinated Out-of-State Visitors Into Their Parks

Chula Vista Police announced yesterday that they are partnering with the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, the FBI, and NCIS in their search for missing mother Maya Millete.

They also said that they are aware of the reports surrounding the loud bangs that were caught on video surveillance near her home the night she disappeared. The recording is being analyzed by investigators. It has been more than three months since Maya was last seen. If you have any information on her disappearance please contact Chula Vista Police Department.

Zillow talk … Seems real estate envy is powerful …

A new survey found that 50% of respondents would rather browse the Zillow real estate website than have sex. 

Some more findings from the survey:

  • 53% said they looked up the value of their boss’ home on Zillow. 
  • 55% said they spent between 1-4 hours a day on Zillow. 
  • 56% said they’ve canceled plans with friends to spend time on the site. 
  • 58% said they missed an important deadline because of time spent on Zillow. 
  • 63% said they’ve used Zillow to look up the value of their friends’ homes. 
  • 64% said they’ve contacted a real estate agent about a house they couldn’t afford.

President Joe Biden celebrated yesterday as the US has now hit 200 million vaccinations.

He also announced a new tax credit to reimburse small businesses who give employees paid time off to get their COVID vaccine. The tax credit will be available to businesses with less than 500 employees and allows up to $511 a day for each employee. The president has asked all companies, no matter the size, to give paid time off and other incentives to encourage workers to get vaccinated.

SeaWorld announced that they will allow out of state visitors into the park as long as they are fully vaccinated.

Before this, Sea World was only open to in state residents.  Universal Studios Hollywood reopened on April 16th. Disneyland Resort is set to reopen on April 30th.


Earth Day is a day to create awareness about pollution and to celebrate the environment and protection of the planet. 

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