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The Geena the Latina and Frankie V Morning Show

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Tourists are picking SD as their first vacation destination in over a year!

Now that things are opening back up again slowly, tourists are picking San Diego as their first vacation destination in over a year. 

The warm weather drew large crowds to the beaches here over the weekend. People traveled from LA and Arizona and many said it was their first vacation since the pandemic. It’s going to be a little cooler today and it’s supposed to rain in some parts of San Diego tomorrow.

The US Open at Torrey Pines are allowing a limited number of fans this summer.

The US open goes down June 17-20.Those who had purchased tickets for the event will be automatically refunded. Then, tickets will go on sale April 26 to USGA members, then on April 28 to those who had purchased 2021 tickets using an American Express Card, then on April 30 to USGA Victory Club members.

Those purchasing tickets must meet the following criteria, according to USGA:

  • State of California residents must show proof that vaccination against COVID-19 has occurred at least 14 days before the championships or that a negative test result has been received in advance of the championships.
  • It will be mandatory for out-of-state fans to provide proof that vaccination against COVID-19 has occurred at least 14 days prior to the championship

It was about a year ago when everyone started frenzy shopping for toilet paper and now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, post pandemic shopping sprees have begun. Here is what everyone is buying!

  • Skirts, jumpsuits, and dresses: As the world opens up, people are making plans to go out -- and they need new clothes to do it!
  • Jeans: Since skinny jeans are out, we need new denim.
  • Champagne: It’s time to celebrate! 
  • Shoes: Seeing as we have worn slippers and sneakers for a year ... this makes sense! 
  • Shaving Kits: Buh-bye pandemic facial hair. 
  • Swimsuits: Vacations are on the horizon!

West Virginia will pay you to move to their state.

Last week the Governor announced the new program called Ascend West Virginia, which would pay remote workers $12,000 over two years if they moved to West Virginia. According to the plan's website, the state would pay $10,000, divided into monthly payments for 12 months the first year, followed by $2,000, which would be paid at the end of the year.

The package, which is worth $20,000, also includes a year's worth of free outdoor recreation, including whitewater rafting and downhill skiing.

To apply, you must be at least 18-years-old and work a full-time remote job with a company that is not located in West Virginia

Padres are holding their annual Friar 5K event virtually for the second year in a row now.

The 3.1-mile Friar 5K will go virtual, open to all runners to participate starting Monday, April 26 through the end of June. Those who participate will receive a Friar 5K goodie bag shipped straight to their home. The race can be completed anywhere, by walking or running on a treadmill, sidewalk, or trail.  Proceeds from the virtual race will benefit the Padres Foundation's COVID-19 relief efforts. Donations will also be accepted.

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