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NASA’s Mars Helicopter Successfully Makes Historic First Flight!

More than 2.7 million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered in San Diego.

Almost 800,000 people in San Diego have been fully vaccinated and about half of adults in the entire US have had at least one vaccine shot. As of last Thursday everyone age 16 and over is eligible for the vaccine.

San Diego school districts are expanding summer school programs!

The summer programs are expected to give students a chance to catch up after falling behind the past year. San Diego Unified School District says between 5-10% of their students are failing every class.Both San Diego Unified and Cajon Valley plan to start their summer programs in late June.

Programs will consist of:

  • Four weeks for elementary and middle school
  • Three weeks for high school
  • Morning learning and afternoon activities
  • Students can either makeup credits or take classes to get ahead

The Pandemic May Have Brought back “Mom Jeans!’

It’s official, skinny jeans are out, and mom jeans are back in! Yup, high waisted loose fitting jeans are being snapped up by both men and women.

The trend says that it's younger people, especially those in Gen Z, who are driving the change, with "mom jeans" ranking as the Number 3 fashion trend in an industry teen survey. Also the pandemic may have played a part because people wanted to be more comfortable.

According to the deadline set by President Joe Biden, starting today all US adults should be eligible for the Covid vaccine.

Earlier this month, he announced that the goal for every adult to be eligible is by April 19th.As of now, almost 130 million people or 50% of America 18 or older have received the vaccine and almost 84 million adults, or about 32.5% of the population, have been fully vaccinated. Here in San Diego, more than 2.7 million vaccine doses have been administered and almost 800,000 people have been fully vaccinated.

NASA helicopter makes history-making first flight on Mars

Nasa’s helicopter, Ingenuity, made history early this morning as the first aircraft to take flight on another planet- Mars! The 4-pound helicopter hovered 3 meters above Mars then touched down. “We can now say that human beings have flown a rotorcraft on another planet.” The helicopter stands 1.6 feet tall with four legs, and the area holding the batteries, heaters and sensors, is the size of a tissue box.

The helicopter’s biggest pieces, its pair of carbon-fiber, foam-filled rotors, each stretch 4 feet tip to tip. It cost $85 million dollars to make. There’s a news conference planned for 11am today.

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