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How to Get Free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts If You've Been Vaccinated

At least 10 people were killed yesterday including a police officer in the Colorado Shooting that went down. An active shooter walked into a Boulder, Colorado grocery store and just started shooting.  The suspect was arrested and officials did not say what had prompted the attack.

A New vaccination site is opening up today at San Diego State’s Viejas Arena. 

Anyone eligible to receive the vaccine will be able to book an appointment. The vaccination site will be openTuesdays through Saturdays, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The Del mar site will be closed on March 27 and 28, due to the low number of COVID- 19 vaccine doses delivered. Patients who have appointments scheduled for those days will be rescheduled automatically.

Krispy Kreme is giving away a free glazed doughnut to anyone who comes in with a COVID-19 vaccination card.  

You have until the end of the year to get your free vaccine donut.  There are no limits on the free donuts, so a vaccinated person can claim a free donut every day. 

Visit their website for more information.

The last major piece of SDCCU Stadium has come down! 

It was a final farewell yesterday at the former SDCCU stadium. The last section is the last major piece of the stadium that can be seen off the 8 and 15. Construction is now beginning on Aztec Stadium. It's a milestone for, San Diego. It's a new era, we have Aztec Stadium being built in the foreground ... so obviously, this is the end of one era and start of a new era." The university has a live webcam of its stadium's progress on its website here.

Did You Gain Weight Gain During the Pandemic? Do Not Worry, You Are Not Alone!

Lots of people gained weight during the pandemic. On the average people gained about 2 pounds a month and on average about 29 pounds over the entire pandemic. Reasons being is that we were stuck at home more with food readily available, not being able to get the exercise that we normally do, even if it’s just walking outside. Also where everyone was at mentally didn’t help and due to financial loss, people were buying cheaper snacks that were higher in calorie and sugar. On the flip side 18% of people said they lost more weight than they tried to.

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