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San Diego is on the verge of going into the red tier today!

This story has been all over the news. A 71-year-old man verged onto a sidewalk right near City College yesterday just after 9am hitting a group of homeless people. Three people were killed and six others were hurt.  The man is now facing felony charges including manslaughter and driving under the influence of drugs. It happened in the 1500 block of B Street. The streets were closed pretty much all day yesterday with tons of reporters and people gathering at a memorial site that was created to honor the three people killed.  Mayor Todd Gloria said,“This crash this morning did not have to be so devastating. “Let me state it very clearly — a street is not a home. It’s not humane or safe to keep allowing our unsheltered neighbors to sleep under bridges, in alleys or in canyons. We must take decisive action to provide more compassionate solutions for people experiencing homelessness. … As mayor, I’ve been clear — we will not turn a blind eye to homelessness. We will deal with it head-on.”Gloria urged anyone in need of shelter to take advantage of services offered by the city. “I want to encourage anyone who is staying on our streets to accept the beds we are offering. We have services. We will not turn our backs on these people. We need to make sure they didn’t die in vain.” 

The Petco Park Vaccination Super Station will close permanently this Saturday, March 20. 

Petco Park has been the largest vaccine distribution location in the county. Anyone who got their first vaccine here is advised to make sure their second appointment is scheduled for this week (Moderna). They are going to try to fit everyone in at Petco or at one of their other sites. The county is planning to open another downtown Super Station at the San Diego Convention Center.

San Diego on the verge of going into the red tier today, restaurants are preparing to move inside.

Once in the red tier, restrictions on outdoor and some indoor operations would ease, including:

  • Retail at 50% capacity
  • Movie theaters, museums, zoos, and aquariums at 25% capacity indoors (or 100 people for movie theaters)
  • Gyms and fitness centers at 10% capacity indoors
  • Restaurants at 25% capacity or 100 people (whichever is fewer) indoors
  • Shopping malls with 50% capacity indoors, but closed common areas and reduced food court capacity

St. Patty’s Day is tomorrow and in honor of it Krispy Kreme is giving out free doughnuts!

 If you wear green today or tomorrow when you go into a Krispy Kreme location, you’ll get a free green original glazed doughnut. And while you’re there you can get one of their specially themed Luck of the doughnuts collection. They have theLucky Unicorn, Lucky Gold Coins, Lucky Sprinkles or the Lucky Leprechaun.

Five Ways to Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

Springing forward an hour can make it harder to fall asleep on time. So here are a few things than can help: 

  1. Get some exercise today. Even a brisk walk can help your body crave sleep a little more and compensate for that extra hour. Just don't do it too late in the day. The Better Sleep Council says no later than two hours before bedtime.
  2. Skip that extra cup of coffee later in the day. Caffeine stays in your body up to 12 hours. And even if you swear it doesn't affect your sleep, it won't hurt to cut yourself off a little early.
  3. Don't eat dinner too late. Try to eat at least three hours before bed. Later than that can mess with your sleep.
  4. Don't drink tonight. Alcohol can help you fall asleep faster, but the quality of your sleep suffers. So if you're trying to adjust and get a good night's sleep, avoid booze.
  5.  Put your phone away. You've heard it a million times, but the blue light messes with your hormones and keeps you up. And the stimulation from scrolling or playing games makes it harder for your brain to relax. So if you need to fall asleep tonight, stop using your phone and computer one hour before bed. 

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