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Chipotle Is Now Adding Quesadillas To Their Menu!

Board of Supervisors chair Nathan Fletcher said yesterday that San Diego County is “highly likely” to enter the red tier by next week. Meanwhile, Governor Newsom announced that the state will most likely meet the goal of vaccinating 2 million people in its most vulnerable communities by Friday, and when that happens he says rules would start being relaxed across the state. In the red tier, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, and other businesses will be allowed to open indoor in a limited capacity.

San Diego Weather Update!

Another round of showers is expected throughout the morning all over San Diego County and will most likely stay through the afternoon. The rain could linger into Saturday morning in some areas, but today is when we are expecting the bulk of the rains. There will also be snow in the mountains. A winter storm warning is in effect through 10 p.m. tonight in the mountains.

People from across the County yesterday reported hearing a mystery “boom” and feeling shaking early yesterday evening, however no one knows what it was.  Right before 5pm is when the noise and shaking occurred. People all the way from Kearny mesa to El Cajon to Ramona to South Bay to La Mesa reported hearing it or feeling it. The Sheriff’s department said they received calls about it however said they don’t know what it was either. An earthquake was not reported either and the military had no comment either.

Chipotle is now offering Quesadilla’s starting today.

 However it’s a digital only menu which means you can only order it on the app or website. The quesadilla is one of the most talked about items on their menu. There’s also no delivery fee when you order now through March 21st.

The latest stimulus bill has been passed. President Biden will sign the bill on Friday. 

President Biden will sign the bill on Friday. Under this bill, people who make less than $75,000 a year will get a $1400 dollar stimulus check. The bill also provides direct aid to states to help offset costs related to COVID prevention, as well as money to help get schools open, vaccine distribution, money for the restaurant and airline industries, and more. It also extends $300 weekly emergency unemployment benefits into September, and includes tax credits for children and child care. 

Does the temp you like your coffee reveal your personality?

  • According to a new survey, if you like your coffee cold, you’re probably a Gen Z-er and are into sunny weather and binge-watching science-fiction.
  • Cold brew lovers are also more likely to be introverted, listen to artists like Megan Thee Stallion, love to travel, and have a water or air zodiac sign. 
  • Hot coffee drinkers, are more likely to be Baby Boomers. In fact, 94% of people over 56 like their coffee hot. They’re also more likely to be extroverts, prefer overcast weather, like comedies, listen to artists like Taylor Swift, and have a fire or earth zodiac sign.
  • But whether hot or cold, coffee drinkers all agree that they wouldn’t be able to do mornings without it. 22 percent of coffee drinkers would rather give up social media than coffee. 18 percent would rather give up TV and 16 percent would rather give up alcohol.

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