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9 Things You Need To Do To In Order To Get A Good Night Sleep

Geena and Producer Chris believe that its appropriate to start Holiday decorations after Halloween, however, Frankie believes that it should start after Thanksgiving!

A listener cheated on her husband with her boss and is now pregnant on O.P.P!

Plus a listener ruined a Bible Study because of her man's actions on Crazy Girl Confessions!

  • As of this morning we still don’t know who our next president will be! Vote tallies still need to be completed in multiple states (Nevada, Arizona, Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania). Joe Biden is pushing closer to the 270 Electoral votes needed to win. He’s at 264. Trump has 214 so to win he needs to win: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada. Joe Biden has received more than 72 million votes, which is the most in history. Meanwhile, President Trump has sued three states for wrongdoing in vote counting. He has also requested a recount in Wisconsin.
  • Officials recorded more than 100,000 coronavirus cases in the United States Wednesday, breaking the single day record.  The number of cases had climbed over 103,000 by last night, with 1,116 deaths.  Meanwhile, here in San Diego we took our first step toward the dreaded purple tier which is the most restrictive tier. We got our report card yesterday instead of Tuesday because of the election and it wasn’t good.  If we fall into this tier again, the county will be forced to shut nearly all of its nonessential indoor businesses.

ELECTION NIGHT VIEWERSHIP DOWN 20 PERCENT: If you didn't watch Election Night coverage Tuesday (November 3rd) because it was too stressful to follow it all develop, you weren't alone. Viewership was down 20 percent from 2016, Nielsen reported, with 56.9 million turning in on 21 networks for prime-time coverage, down from 71.4 million four years ago. All three major cable news networks -- CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC -- had more viewers than the broadcast networks. Fox had the most viewers, with 14.1 million, followed by CNN with 9.4 million and MSNBC with 7.6 million. Among the broadcast networks, ABC had the most viewers with 6.3 million, followed by NBC with 5.7 million, CBS with 4.5 million, and the Fox broadcast network with 3 million.

Cheers, North Dakota … New research has found that North Dakota is the drunkest state in the U.S. To determine each state’s ”Drunk Score,” Best Life used metrics ranging from number of gallons of alcohol consumed by state, to number of bars per capita, to number of craft brewers in the state, to number of DUIs per capita. Here are the 10 Drunkest States in the U.S.

  1. North Dakota
  2. Montana
  3. South Dakota
  4. New Hampshire
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Wyoming
  7. Vermont
  8. Nevada
  9.  Alaska
  10. Colorado

9 Things Sleep Doctors Would Never Do Before Bed.

The Better Sleep Council surveyed sleep doctors about what they wouldn’t do prior to falling asleep and their answers could mean the difference between lying awake or getting restful sleep. 

  • 1. Don’t watch the news before falling asleep - The new stories can cause anxiety or worry making it harder to fall asleep. 
  • 2. Don’t work in bed, you want to maintain the association that bed is only for sex and sleep. 
  • 3. Working Out - Working out in the morning or throughout the day can do wonders for insomnia, however, working out before bed can release energy that keeps them from falling asleep. 
  • 4. Having tense conversations before bed could be keeping you up with negative emotions swirling in your head making it hard for you to wind down. 
  • 5. Drinking caffeine can obviously keep you up at night making sleep harder to achieve. 
  • 6. Drink alcohol - although it can help you fall asleep, it does disrupt sleep patterns later during the night. 
  • 7. Using electronic devices without a blue light filter, blue light signals to the brain to stay awake. It suppresses melatonin that is needed to help you fall asleep. 
  • 8. Bright lights in the room where you’re sleeping also suppresses melatonin production.
  • 9. Spending too much awake time in bed could make you disassociate the bed with sleep. Bottom line: make your bed a sacred, sleeping, and sex only space. 

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