Woman Hits Her Man for Looking at Other Women on Plane

A woman caught her man looking at "other women" on an American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles.

She started raging at her man, "Memo," by yelling at him and using curse words around other passengers, including children.

The two flight attendants tried to calm the woman down but nothing was helping. Then things took a turn for the worse when she started assaulting him. Eventually, "Memo" gets up when asked by the attendants to get up and he gladly leaves his seat. Things later escalated when she hit her man with a laptop and punched him from behind.

The woman was told by an American Airlines pilot that she was going to face assault charges. The woman replied, "Fine. Whatever."

Warning: Graphic language

UPDATE: Woman Smashes Laptop on Husband on Airplane
UPDATE: Woman Smashes Laptop on Husband on Airplane
Following the airplane fight, Tiffany McLemore, 30, ran off and is nowhere to be found.


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