UPDATE: Woman Smashes Laptop on Husband on Airplane

The couple became internet famous in a matter of minutes for their now-viral fight in front of other passengers on an airplane.

Tiffany McLemore (Flores), 30, a manager at the International Bully Kennel Club in Long Beach, CA, caught her husband, "Memo," 'looking at other women' while on an American Airlines flight preparing to depart Miami for Los Angeles. After an argument in front of other passengers, she physically assaulted her husband. When he got up out of his seat to leave, she followed him, with a laptop, and smashed it on his head before following up with some hammer fists.

After the fight, the couple got off the plane and went their separate ways. The husband said he would NOT press charges against his wife and ended up taking a different flight home to Los Angeles. As for the wife, Tiffany, her location is currently unknown. She ran off before authorities could catch up to her.

Warning: Viewer discretion advised

Woman Hits Her Man for Looking at Other Women on Plane - Thumbnail Image

Woman Hits Her Man for Looking at Other Women on Plane

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