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Couple Miraculously Survive 300-Foot Fall Off Cliff In Southern CA VIDEO

A couple has survived after their car tumbled 300 feet into a canyon in Los Angeles.

Insider says they had no cell service but were rescued after their iPhone detected the fall.

The new Emergency SOS feature detects crashes and uses satellites to contact emergency services.

Cloe Fields and her boyfriend, Christian Zelada, were taking a scenic drive through the Angeles National Forest on Tuesday, when they tried to pull over to give another driver room to pass, and their car went over the edge of the mountain and tumbled 300 feet before landing, upside down, in the canyon below.

It was around 2 p.m., about 40 degrees outside, and they were luckily able to find Fields' iPhone 14 about ten yards up the hill.

It was shattered and had no reception.

But a message had popped up on the phone anyway, saying a crash had been detected and to swipe to contact emergency services.

Though the screen looked like the phone "took a bullet," it was still in good enough shape to text, which Fields' credited to her having a screen protector.

They began texting with the emergency services provider, explaining what had happened and saying they needed help.

The person on the other end would instruct them to walk a certain way or hold their phone up in a certain direction, in order to help their messages and location information go through.

Within 30 minutes, they were airlifted out of the canyon.

The message that appeared on the iPhone was part of Apple's new Emergency SOS via satellite feature, which has Crash Detection and Fall Detection software and uses satellites to contact emergency services when an iPhone is out of range.

The feature connects the iPhone user to an emergency call center, which can collect information and notify rescue services.

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