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Here’s How Bad San Diego Drivers Rank Against The Rest of the U.S.

Eight California cities are ranked among the Top 10 for worst drivers in America, including San Diego, which was named the sixth worst.

KTLA says QuoteWizard looked at drivers in 70 cities across the country, evaluating them for speeding tickets, citations for running a red light or using a phone while driving, accidents and DUIs.

Overall, the cities on the worst driver list have only gotten worse since 2021.

Bakersfield not only ranked first for worst drivers overall, but also for DUIs. It ranked fourth in the U.S. for speeding, and eighth for both accidents and citations.

Making up the rest of the top six cities with the worst drivers were Sacramento, which took a five-spot drop since 2021, Baton Rouge, which was ranked eighth for best drivers in America in 2021, Los Angeles, San Francisco, where accidents and DUIs have gotten significantly worse since 2021, according to the study, and San Diego.

Top 10 cities with the worst drivers:



Baton Rouge, La.

Los Angeles

San Francisco

San Diego

Fresno, Calif.

Riverside, Calif.

Richmond, Calif.

Jacksonville, Fla.

Top 10 cities with the best drivers:

Louisville, Ky.

Hartford, Conn.

Little Rock, Ark.

Oklahoma City

Tulsa, Ok.


Pittsburgh, Penn.




See the full list of cities with the best and worst drivers here.

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