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Here’s Where San Diego Ranks On List Of “Most Fun” Cities In U.S.

San Diego has been named the 16th "most fun" city in the Country.

Fox 5 San Diego says WalletHub put San Diego in the top-20 cities in the Nation, based on things like the number of recreational activity locations, theme parks and movie theaters.

The metrics were categorized into three categories: Entertainment and Recreation, Nightlife and Parties, and Costs.

San Diego was 16th, with an overall score of 47.48, and ranked 5th on the list for the Entertainment and Recreation category and 20th for Nightlife and Parties, but the city came in at 164th on the Costs category.

Chula Vista came in on the lower end of the list, ranking 167th out of the 182 cities with a sore of 23.34.

California cities on the list:

10th: San Francisco – 52.65

16th: San Diego – 47.48 points

20th: Los Angeles – 47.48 points

31st: Sacramento – 40.97 points

80: Oakland – 33.46 points

85th: Anaheim – 32.87 points

86th: Bakersfield – 32.77 points

91st: Long Beach – 32.44 points

104th: Huntington Beach – 31.09 points

113th: Irvine – 30.17 points

117th: San Jose – 29.83 points

119th: Garden Grove – 29.71 points

123rd: Modesto – 29.24 points

132nd: Fresno – 28.55 points

140th: Glendale – 28.11 points

147th: Stockton – 27.38 points

148th: Riverside – 27.37 points

150th: San Bernardino – 27.02 points

153rd: Santa Ana – 26.48 points

154th: Santa Clarita – 26.41 points

156th: Oceanside – 25.90 points

167th: Chula Vista – 23.34 points

170th: Ontario – 23.10 points

171st: Rancho Cucamonga – 23.01 points

172nd: Fremont – 22.90 points

174th: Fontana – 22.66 points

178th: Santa Rosa – 21.77 points

179th: Moreno Valley – 21.21 points

180th: Oxnard – 20.11 points

Las Vegas was considered the most fun city in the nation, with an overall score of 73.95.

The city was also considered the “most sinful” in another study.

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