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Here’s Where San Diego Ranks On List Of “Most Sinful” Cities In America

San Diego and Chula Vista have been ranked among "Most Sinful" cities in the Nation.

Fox 5 San Diego says WalletHub compared 182 cities, including 150 of the most populous in the nation, to determine which were the most "sinful". The list included rankings for “Anger & Hatred,” “Jealousy,” “Excesses & Vices,” “Greed,” “Lust,” “Vanity,” and “Laziness,” and was based on dozens of metrics including violent crimes per capita, drug use, number of casinos, the teen birth rate, Google searches for pornography and the term, “Tinder,” and tanning salons per capita (among many other factors).

A total score of 100 represented the highest level of "sinfulness".

The lower a city’s overall score was the less “sinful” it was, according to the study.

WalletHub found that San Diego was the country’s 56th most “sinful” city with a score of 41.28.

In the South Bay, Chula Vista came in 170th on the list with a score of 29.85.

Other California cities on the list:

  • 10th: San Bernardino – 48.94 points
  • 45th: Riverside – 42.27 points
  • 51st: San Francisco – 41.72 points
  • 61st: Sacramento – 40.76 points
  • 84th: Bakersfield – 37.85 points
  • 86th: Oakland – 37.45 points
  • 89th: Fresno – 36.84 points

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