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These Are The Cheapest Days Of The Week To Buy Gas

Gas Buddy says the cheapest days of the week to fill up your tank are on Monday and Friday.

Based on historic trends, Monday is usually when gas prices are the lowest. But based on recent pricing trends, Friday is starting to become a day with lower fuel costs. It used to be the most expensive day of the week to fill up.

However, with the current fluctuation of prices, you may want to check your areas gas prices for cheaper options depending on the day.

Now that you know what days of the week to buy gas, you might also find these gas and money saving tips helpful:

1.       Pay with cash instead of credit card. Most gas stations pass the cost of credit card transactions on to consumers, which can add up to 5 to 10 cents a gallon – or more! Even debit cards can incur transaction fees.

2.       Sign up for a gas rewards card. Some cards give as much as 5% back on gas purchases.

3.       Join a grocery store rewards program. Your grocery purchases can earn you up to 10 cents off per gallon at partnering stations.

4.       Use a gas app. Apps like GasBuddy compare gas prices in your area.

5.       Remove weight from your vehicle. If you’re carrying extra items in your car, including things like storage or bike racks, removing them could actually reduce gas use. Fuel efficiency drops 1% for every 100 pounds of excess weight.

6.       Check your tire pressure. Tires with low pressure use more gas. Using a $4 per gallon price, you could save between 2 and 12 cents per gallon when your tires are at the correct psi.

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