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Here’s Why Scams Have Doubled In California Since The Pandemic

A new report says California is the most scammed state in the nation in 2021.

The Golden State was ranked first with 67,095 victims according to the FBI.

The website Social Catfish, says people in the state have lost over $1 billion collectively, which is double the total amount in 2020.

Individually, the average lost in the scams came out to about $18,000 a person.

Cryptocurrency scams accounted for $1.6 billion.

Florida, Texas, New York, and Illinois also were at the top of the list of the most scammed states.

The website Social Catfish listed tips for how to avoid online scams. 

  • Do not give money to people you have not met in person 
  • Personal information should not be given out to someone you don’t know
  • Use a reverse search on photos, emails, phone numbers and addresses
  • Watch out for poor grammar and refusing to video call

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