Mission Fed and Chicano Federation: Building A Better Future For San Diego

For over 60 years, Mission Fed has remained dedicated to supporting the San Diego community. Today, our commitment to giving back continues through our rich partnerships with schools and nonprofit organizations directly committed to creating a healthier, stronger, vibrant and financially resilient San Diego. Our ongoing drive is to make San Diego not just “America’s Finest City,” but “America’s Kindest and Most Purposeful Region.”

The Chicano Federation has been at the forefront of promoting equity for aspiring communities during this year of unprecedented crises. While others have had to decrease their level of programming, Chicano Federation has increased its services and programming in response to the many emerging community needs. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of its partners, collaborators, and staff throughout the pandemic, they are providing services to more people than ever before. By providing a helping hand that lifts thousands out of the cycle of poverty, the Chicano Federation builds a better future for all communities. Learn how you can support these efforts at ChicanoFederation.org

Children's programs provided by the Chicano Federation
Chicano Federation Staff