OUCH! Woman loses her front teeth after bottomless mimosas! (VIDEO)

A woman went viral after losing her teeth in a TikTok video that featured updates of her and fellow diners drinking mimosas.

“This is me after four mimosas,” user @autumncathey6 says at the beginning of the clip that she uploaded to TikTok.

The video, which occurred at a bottomless brunch, featured the user and other brunch-goers checking in with the number of mimosas they’d consumed. She eventually said she drank “seven mimosas.”

Near the end of the clip, the woman is seen climbing onto someone’s shoulders in a parking lot and walking around.

The clip then abruptly cuts to footage of the woman with several front teeth knocked out, staring out from the passenger seat of a car with a distressed look on her face

@autumncathey6 said in a follow-up TikTok post on Wednesday that the incident occurred “a month ago” and that her smile is “back to normal” after her teeth were restored “almost immediately.”