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BORED? 50 life skills you can learn online for free, during self-quarantine

The LA times posted some interesting ways to keep yourself busy during self quarantine.

Check them all out here

1. How to stretch your lower back

About 80 percent of Americans have a bad back, and all that time spent on the sofa watching “Tiger King” is only going to add to the legion of the lumbar-impaired. In just three minutes you’ll learn four moves that should elicit a pleasing crack from any ailing back. Roll out the mat, down on your knees and try each position for immediate relief

2. How to get followers on social media

It’s not that you’re so needy that the approbation of strangers motivates you, but who doesn’t want lots of Twitter followers? Think Media’s Sean Cannell (with 1.03 million YouTube subscribers) breaks it all down for you here — how to be consistent with your branding, identify your audience and try not to be everything to everyone.

3. How to make edible slime

Because who among us has enough slime to eat? And once you learn that edible slime is essentially heated Sour Patch Kid candy, you might never get enough. There’s a little more to it than heat and candy — trust Rebecca Zamolo and Rosanna Pansino to show you how.

4. How to perform the Heimlich Maneuver

Everyone knows what it is but few know how to do it. What if you’ve gone out of your way to protect loved ones from infection only to have them choke on a chicken bone? Captain Wayne Bennett of Disaster Survival Skills LLC is not about to let that happen. He lays it out for you here in four minutes that could save a life.

5. How to teach your dog to roll over

Isn’t it about time Rover did his part in this crisis? Dog trainer Kayl McCann provides progressive steps toward completing this simple trick that can be taught without ever leaving your chair

6. How to train your cat to use a toilet

First they came for the toilet paper, then there was none. Next they’ll come for the kitty litter and leave you with a tray full of reeking cat poop. So, train the puss to use the potty. Watch mild-mannered Sebastian in his training toilet, a litter box placed inside the toilet, and gradually make both your lives virtually cat-poop-free

7. How to cut your own hair

Personal hygiene and fitness standards are bound to suffer during quarantine. So, take another shower and shave and, if you’re honest, it’s time for a haircut. In no time at all men’s haircutting specialist Tips for Clips will have you looking your best for yet another night at home

8. How to build a swimming pool water slide around your secret underground house

Any expert will tell you if you’re going to have a secret underground house, you’re going to want to have a swimming pool water slide surrounding it. It’s just common sense. Make sure you get it right by watching this

9. How to fix a running toilet

You’ve been putting it off for weeks but that running toilet needs to be fixed. It’s costing you extra on your water bill and it’s wasting something Southern California has precious little of. Home Repair Tutor Steve White lays it out here in easy steps

10. How to fix a dripping faucet

While you have the toolkit out, fix the leaking faucet too, with tips from HowToLou. Gromets, springs and washers are all you need to make the next drop the last one

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