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Have you heard Kehlani's new song about YG? LISTEN HERE

You might recall a couple weeks ago YG was caught getting a little to close to a fan who wanted a photo

According to YG's people, he was drunk and put himself in a bad position and he feels bad for hurting Kehlani but nothing happened! Even YG's driver said there was NO kiss!

Now Kehlani has opened up about her relationship with YG in a new track called "You Know Wassup"

Listen below

Some noteable lyrics include

“Why I gotta beg to be chosen over your vices, over your liquor?”

“Why I gotta ask for flowers / I deserve roses / I deserve bigger / I know you’re trying to change, but is it all worth the wait?”

She also says

“I watch your demons cause me drama / Now I’m triggered / All this drama / You’re embarrassed and in shock and we still in love.”

But she still loves him despite all that!

“And I still tell the world I’m in love with you / ‘Cause I ain’t ashamed to say / Got your name tatted on my wrist / Any b***h got a bone to pick, you know whose phone to hit.”

She even mentions getting married!!

“You’re still my love / You’re still my heart / That’s still my d*** / Still wanna be Mrs. Jackson,”

She even mentions waiting for him

“Waited five years to be on the team / Look damn good f***in’ with me.”

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