Zookeeper Reunites with Elephant He Cared For 32 Years Ago

A British zookeeper is reunited with an elephant that he cared for 32 years ago

I guess the phrase is true, "An elephant NEVER forgets!"

Peter Adams used to take care of an Asian elephant named Kirsty in Glasgow 32 years ago at Calderpark Zoo in Scotland in the 1980s. The zoo eventually closed its doors in 2003 due to debt. In 1987, Kirsty was transferred to another zoo, eventually ending up in Neunkirchen, Germany in 2005. Adams was able to track down his old friend and eventually was able to arrange a meeting with her.

As soon as Adams and Kirsty saw each other, the two hugged while the man simply held the elephant's trunk.

Peter Adams will make an effort to visit his old friend now that he knows where she is staying.

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