Your Teenage Years Determine What You Listen To As Adults

Does music suck now?

Ever catch yourself saying, "music was better back then"? 

If you're over the age of 25, you might have caught yourself saying that line a few times. But is music getting worse or are we simply stuck in our "teens" when it comes to preferences in music? It's definitely possible to love music that was created before you were born. But was it because it was somewhat related to, or a precursor to the music you listened to during your teens?

Let's get one thing one thing out of the way. Yes, there was crappy music back in the days too. You just don't hear those bad songs anymore today or on those "best of" playlists. Yes, there were albums where you only liked 1-2 songs back then too. Sure, you can argue that some genres back then were more complex (technically) and had more variations than today, but every genre had its own complexities that others didn't. 

It turns out, most people like different variations of whatever they liked listening to when they were in their teens. When the music gets outside of that era for someone, they will usually start talking about how modern music isn't as good. You may be stuck in your teens and not even know it. This video drives that point home...