Woman Runs Into 'Dead' Boyfriend at a Restaurant

Rachel saw her former boyfriend while eating at a restaurant, who supposedly died while owing her money.

When Rachel was 18 when she loaned $1,000 to her ex-boyfriend Alistair (who was 21 at the time and a cook) when he wasn't able to work due to a broken hand. When she went to get her money back from him, he was only able to pay $300. Fed up, she broke things off from him. She was later told by her ex's family that he was killed by a biker gang because he had owed them money.

Several years passed until one day Rachel decided to visit a restaurant that her ex-boyfriend's brother worked at. When she asked the waitress if he (the brother) was working, she was told, "no, but his brother is," After verifying the name of the "brother" she requested to see him, but was asked to leave by a manager.

Disappointed, Rachel went to the police to get her money back. Unfortunately, the ex-boyfriend denied ever borrowing any money from her and she was out of luck. Rachel got a text from her ex-boyfriend's mother angry that her son had lost his job because of her visit to the restaurant that he was working at.

Photo: Unsplash

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