Woman Missing for 5 Days Found Alive in Wrecked Car

Robin Joyce Fancher, 49, was reported missing by family members 2 days after she left her home at the Greentree Apartments in Headland, Alabama, in her 2003 Mitsubishi Galant, on her way to the post office on April 17 around 10 AM.

On Monday afternoon, 5 days later, a passerby noticed a wrecked silver car in a ditch near a bush. When officers got to the scene, they noticed that she was awake, conscious, and pinned against a driver door. Somehow, Fancher had survived 120 hours without any food, water, or her daily medication. Her children believe that it was 'divine intervention.'

It took authorities nearly 90 minutes just to free her from the wreck. Once she was freed from the wreck, doctors discovered that she had suffered a broken femur and collapsed kidneys and needed hip surgery.



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