Woman Charged with Death of 2 Out of 3 Babies Found In Hoarder Home

Erika Murray, 35, was charged for the death of two out of three babies found in her home

Erika Murray, from Blackstone, Massachusetts was arrested after authorities found the remains of 2 infants and a fetus in a closet of her trash-filled, rat-infested home in August of 2014. Her other 4 children, aged 5-months to 13-years-old are with Child Protective Services. She was caught when her 10-year-old boy asked a friend nearby for help getting a baby to stop crying. The friend's mother, Betsy Brown, noticed that there was poop smeared on the 10-year-old boy's face, hair, and clothes and worked to clean it.

When investigators got to the house, they noticed that one of the children, a 3-year-old could barely talk and was not able to walk, due to poor muscle tone, while the 6-month-old baby was sensitive to sunlight.

Catherine Francy, an investigator for the Department of Children and Families testified today that Murray would refer to her 3-year-old as "It." Murray would tell her older children, who were found with maggots in their ears, that she was simply "babysitting" them that the older kids didn't know that the younger kids were their siblings. She also stated that Murray's children never saw a doctor.

Authorities spent over 90 hours cleaning out her home and was eventually bulldozed to the ground.

Murray pleaded not guilty, by reason of mental health, and not enough evidence to prove she had killed the babies.

UPDATE: Here's the verdict from the judge

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