Woman, 65, Kicks Officer in Groin and gets Tasered for Broken Taillight

Debra Hamil, 65, was pulled over in Cashion, Oklahoma and ticketed by an officer for a broken taillight.

Hamil argued that she should've only gotten a warning by saying, 'I don’t think that I deserve to pay $80 for something that is fixable and I can fix it.' She refused to sign her $80 ticket then proceeded to drive off!

When the officer caught up with Hamil, she resisted and kicked him in the groin after saying, 'You be fair with me and I'll be fair with you.' The officer pulled out his taser used it on the 65-year-old woman.

When Hamil tried to explain why she did what she did, she said, 'Yeah, I tried to kick you because I'm a country girl,'

The officer asked, 'Do you realize you just got yourself in a whole lot more trouble?' Hamil refused to be taken away in an ambulance after the whole ordeal, but was later taken to the hospital by officers just to get checked.

She was later charged with felony assaulting a police officer and misdemeanor resisting arrest.

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