Woman, 39, Shares Video from Hospital Bed About Having Coronavirus

Tara Jane Langston, a fit mother who goes to the gym, 39, warns others from a hospital bed about living with COVID-19, despite being 'healthy.'

Langston gives a message using WhatsApp from Hillingdon Hospital in west London to ask that everyone take the coronavirus seriously after she was tested positive for the virus on Sunday.

She warns, 'don't take any chances, just look at me' as she coughs and shows difficulty breathing. Langston shared about her ordeal and how she's 'better now.'

Ironically, Langston was a healthy person who frequented the gym to work on her fitness. She originally went to the hospital over a week earlier after returning from a family trip to Poland and started feeling coronavirus symptoms.

Anyone is capable if being infected - healthy or not.

Please, wash your hands.

Thumbnail photo: A photo taken on January 11, 2017 shows bottles of fluid used for intravenous therapy in the emergency room of Hopital de la Timone hospital in Marseille. French hospitals are being stretched to their limits by a major flu epidemic sweeping the country, France's health authorities warn. Thousands of mostly elderly people have been admitted due to a winter outbreak of a virulent strain of the virus known as H3N2. (Photo credit BORIS HORVAT/AFP via Getty Images)

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